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  1. for candida overgrowth, give yourself break from bread several times a week.. best tea for hormonal, nettle and raspberry leaves(mix equal portions and make as a tea)can find at high end stores oh try drinking buttermilk/kefir too! good luck!:)
  2. it might harsh for your skin.. have you tried drinking apple cider? I think it's more beficisl if you take inside, add 1/2tsp to cup of water, it should pleasant to drink not so acidic that you have to frown.. try green tea or calendula as face toner of course finish with simple moisturizer
  3. Relax Girl!:) organic dairy doesn't cause acne!! it's the nonorganic loaded with hormones that cause acne! to curb sugar cravings, add pinch of cinnamon every time you drink water(it evens out blood sugar) as for healthy sweets you can eat organic dried fruits, and fresh fruits! good luck!:) highly advise nettle and raspberry tea( can find at high end store tea/pharmacy section) make like tea and drink all day long( it's good for. U.S. women with hormones problem)
  4. I'm so glad for you that something work for you!:) try nettle and raspberry tea leaf to keep hormones even(it's the best tea for us women!) you can find them at high end store in tea/pharmacy section or try pills
  5. what ever you take right now, looks like it screws your hormones and blood sugar level.. Start drinking nettle and raspberry leave tea(if can't find at high end store, try pill)it really make hormones even.. as for blood sugar try adding pinch of cinnamon it even out blood sugar(side effect less sugar cravings)
  6. best exfoliating scrub sea salt, honey, and pinch of baking soda(optional) I like mix with my cleanser and use on my face
  7. You know there is great alternative to Accutane! Healthy life style!:) Its all baby steps, learn how to control blood sugar, cause bad diet cause sugar spikes then boom its shows on your face.. Eat healthy sweets(well if you have sweet tooth) dried fruits, fresh fruits, and eating very healthy snacks when you watch a movie(no crackers, chips, popcorn or cookies) great snack is nuts soaked overnight(no peanuts, or flavored, or roasted nuts, cause not nutrients in them) and any fresh vegetable
  8. do you take any supplements? herbal teas?. how is your diet? how is your gut flora?. blood sugar level? cause all those things matter,. it's all from inside.. Nettle and raspberry tea is amazing for us women, it evens out hormones(can find at high end store in tea/pharmacy section or try pill) try buttermilk on your face, lactic acid in there is very gentle bleach from supplements try chlorophyll, vitamin E, flaxseed oil, and B complex vitamins take blood test and see what vitamins and m
  9. AhaGuru

    Day 6-9

    Highly advise to add some supplements like vitamin E and flaxseed oil, it prevents dry skin and inflammation.. Eat good fat like avocados, soaked overnight nuts(never roasted, or flavored) If you like dairy, stick to organic only( hormones in nonorganic cause acne). if you apply mask like oatmeal(ground), egg yolk, and milk, it should calm your skin oh your appetite, most likely accutane cause blood sugar jump.. when ever you drink water add pinch of cinnamon, it evens out blood sugar.. drink
  10. I think those deep cyst is from inside.. Do you experience any constipation? Sugar is the #1 that cause acne.. When blood sugar is uneven it triggers acne too.. make sure your gut flora is healthy.. I highly recommend drinking red clover and nettle tea( mix equal part and make tea/you should find at high end food markets/ try pill if can't find). Drink buttermilk/kefir plain(separate from any meat) 2 cups a day.. Every time you drink water add pinch of cinnamon it evens out blood sugar.. if you
  11. I would highly advise to drink herbal teas to normalize hormones and blood sugar level. Nettle and raspberry leaves tea is aMazing!(equal parts of each) make like tea and drink through out the day.. To make sugar even, add pinch of cinnamon every time you drink water. Blessings!
  12. good luck on your journey and thanks for sharing!. I would highly recommend nettle and raspberry leaves tea( they sold at high end markets, by weight, well it depends where you live)they normalize hormones which we women really need in our daily life(flaxseed oil fight inflammation super!) blessings!
  13. lol, man you are funny!. I did charcoal mask long time ago that I don't remember if it work or not.. not. if I deal with clay mask I always apply plastic wrap over my face( in strips) that way it penetrates down pores and it's much easier to wash afterward blessings!
  14. it's all from diet, how often you change pillowcase you sleep, if you use hair product, very important wash face every night. avoid nonorganic milk.. don't use any harsh cleansers they can trigger more acne.(use simple cleanser) as for toner make green tea and apply before moisturizer blessings!
  15. I'm glad to hear your success story! thanks for sharing!. yes hormones in nonorganic dairy do make things worse. I have to say from my experience organic dairy doesn't cause acne! it's nonorganic, loaded with hormones that ruin our lives!
  16. I understand your frustration. me too I have large pores and they get clogged fast. I do scrub with honey and sea salt and pinch of baking soda(sugar irritates skin)I like to mix with my face cleanser and every 2 days. as for toner I really like camphor spirit(any Slavic market carry in pharmacy section) I always finish with simple moisturizer. it's from inside too that makes a huge difference! very healing tea is nettle leaves and raspberry leaves mix equal part and drink through out the da
  17. micro needling should help with scars, from licensed esthetion only! don't try to order from Amazon like I did, it's all junk! you can ruin your skin for sure. Lactic acid in buttermilk/kefir should do good for scars it's very gentle bleach. I applied buttermilk like a mask and put a food plastic wrap over a mask for 15-30min.
  18. hi, I highly advise to your diet since you want to gain weight, dry fruits, nuts soaked overnight(nopeanuts) never ever fried or toasted nuts
  19. Hi, It might be sugar spikes.. I know on myself. When ever I drink wAter I add pinch of cinnamon(Vietnamese/Saigon my fav) it keeps blood sugar even. Whatch what you eat on empty stomach.. Stick to organic dairy only!. it's the hormones in dairy/meat that triggers acne. Eat beans, quinoa, buckwheat, yams, kale. I highly advise to drink buttermilk/kefir 2 cups a day(separate from any meat) Learn how to control blood sugar and you are going to see a huge difference, I promise you!
  20. Hi, Stop using jojoba oil!. it's obviously doesn't suit you! Use simply moisturizer(no acids) I notice myself when I started taking orally flaxseed oil and vitamin E, my skin improve dramatically! don't use any scrubs it can make things worse.
  21. Hi, I think it's great addition to your diet! I would highly advise to add flaxseeds oil and vitamin E. If you drink milk, drink only organic, I notice myself I had very few breakouts when I drink organic milk, when I switch to nonorganic I had very ugly breakouts. Drink buttermilk or kefir, 2 cups a day (don't drink at same time with any meat) Blessings
  22. Hi, start drinking buttermilk or kefir 2 cups a day, one in the morning and second before bedtime( just avoid drinking with any meat at same time) Flaxseeds soaked overnight is really good too. Blessings