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  1. On 7/21/2017 at 11:28 AM, AhaGuru said:

    Stop complaining here!!!!
    Start doing something!!!!
    have you tried changing your pillow?  Have you tried changing your habits?? Have you tried changing your diet??
    have you tried going to sleep early???
    have you tried not getting obsessed about acne???

    Sir I apologize for being so straightforward, I didn't meant to be mean, hurt your feelings or like jazzguy mentioned being abusive in my words.
    I hope you'll use advice people give you and have clear skin one day and always feel great!!
    please accept my apologies 

  2. 23 hours ago, jwalk said:

    Not in the quantities required to alter the PH levels in your body and shrink cancerous tissue. 
    Back to your original point, even if cancer could be cured with baking soda it doesn't necessarily follow that acne would be easier to cure.
    It's easier than what most people think
    a lot of people are just lazy to change their diet and habits and do research on their own
    they rather pop pill for instant acne cure
    Most people Just don't know how skin work and heal


  3. 18 hours ago, jwalk said:

    If there is no proof then there is no reason to assume it works. in fact, quite the opposite. Research suggests that sodium bicarbonate can affect the PH levels around cancerous cells and cause them to shrink. However, the amount of sodium bicarbonate required to change the PH levels around the cancerous cells is 12g per cubic millimetre. The average tumour size is 7.5cm, meaning you would need a daily dose of 9000g, which would be fatal to humans. 
    To every process there is a rule, if you don't follow it can be fatal 
    Not every drug is suitable for everyone and not every dose is suitable for everyone 
    8 hours ago, AhaGuru said:
    To every process there is a rule, if you don't follow it can be fatal 
    Not every drug is suitable for everyone and not every dose is suitable for everyone 
    The fact is baking soda is very safe to use
    Medicine is business and they try to find a cure to make profit

  4. On 7/24/2017 at 3:31 PM, RNAcne said:

    Out of the 11 years since I first developed  acne for 9 of them I have had 100 percent clear skin. Acne can not be cured but can be put in complete remission by isotretinion. 

    If cancer can be cured just by baking soda, then acne is the easiest skin disease to be cured
    sorry but it looks like you only know what pill kills disease symptoms 

  5. 6 hours ago, RNAcne said:

    Go to a dermatologist many of the acne treatments are very safe for teens.  I had moderate acne all over my face at your age. I had about 30 pimples constantly at your age and had already been on antibiotics. I am 24 and my acne is returning after five years of clear skin. Changing your lifestyle will not help in he meantime wear makeup use maybelline green cover stick followed by concealer in your skin tone. It's okay to use makeup as long as it does not contain oil.

    How come you are not acne free??!!!  
    Dermatologist should have cured your acne once and forever!
    you are a nurse you should know better!

  6. Fasting is the only radical way to detox
    physically, mentally and spiritually 
    Fasting does microsurgery in every cell
    i know one story where one guy fasted and he cured his vision by just fasting, other guy does fasting to clear his skin

    Cause of brain fog is usually from bread/gluten
    apply kefir/buttermilk on hair like mask for one hour before hair wash, it might cure your scalp
    it might be hormonal too 
    try drinking these herbs tea/tinctures, 20-30 min before every meal
    nettle, red raspberry leaf, honeybrush, burdock, milk thistles 

  7. Apply nonfat buttermilk on face for 15 min do every 3 days,(very gentle bleach+helps heal skin)
    try microneedling, i feel like it's very safe to do,
    do only from medical office

  8. 1 hour ago, Renee_2000 said:
    11 hours ago, AhaGuru said:

    It might be hormonal acne
    drink herbal teas like
    nettle, and red raspberry leaf
    drink 30 min before every meal
    eat organic only dairy and meat
    eating raw fruits and veggies cures any  chronic skin issues 

    I eat very healthy, I don't consume dairy and I drink probably 2L of water a day, it has helped a lot, but my skin is just really confusing 
    Do detox cleanse for liver you might see a huge difference 

  9. All non organic meat and dairy are loaded with hormones and antibiotics 
    thats why we get acne cause of hormone overload
    organic meat and dairy makes a huge difference in skin, I know from my experience 
    To balance hormones, drink herbal teas/tinctures like
    nettle and red raspberry leaf
    drink 30 min before every meal for Better results