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  1. add vitamin D3 vitamin it does miracle!
    also add flaxseed oil and vitamin E its amazing!
    skin supplements are great
    when you over wash your face it becomes worse
    do acne treatment every other day, it will work better and be less oily
    mix fine sea salt, and buttermilk let it sit in fridge overnight and apply like mask and wash off
    try using skincare products with camphor

    try shampoo phillip kingsley for dandruff
    my favorite
    keep your skin products and medicated shampoo out of restroom, them become more harsh if you keep them in there

  2. Best skin moisturizer is Flaxseed oil and vitamin E!  No dry skin since I started taking this.  Usually I get really dry like chicken skin every winter and this year I don't suffer!:)  I also take biotin and folic acid, maybe its one of the reasons too..
    Good luck:)


    for dandruff rub some sea salt, honey with shampoo on scalp and massage scalp really good and rinse
    it really helps get rid of flakes

    Ooh and avoid head&shoulders shampoo!!  A hairstylist told my sister a lot of people get hairloss and dandruff from this exact brand

  3. what ever you take right now, looks like it screws your hormones and blood sugar level.. Start drinking nettle and raspberry leave tea(if can't find at high end store, try pill)it really make hormones even.. as for blood sugar try adding pinch of cinnamon it even out blood sugar(side effect less sugar cravings) 

  4. Highly advise to add some supplements like vitamin E and flaxseed oil, it prevents dry skin and inflammation.. Eat good fat like avocados, soaked overnight nuts(never roasted, or flavored) If you like dairy, stick to organic only( hormones in nonorganic cause acne). if you apply mask like oatmeal(ground), egg yolk, and milk, it should calm your skin

    oh your appetite, most likely accutane cause blood sugar jump.. when ever you drink water add pinch of cinnamon, it evens out blood sugar.. drink buttermilk/kefir it's really good for gut flora(separate from any meat)

  5. I think those deep cyst is from inside.. Do you experience any constipation?  Sugar is the #1 that cause acne.. When blood sugar is uneven it triggers acne too.. make sure your gut flora is healthy.. I highly recommend drinking red clover and nettle tea( mix equal part and make tea/you should find at high end food markets/ try pill if can't find). Drink buttermilk/kefir plain(separate from any meat) 2 cups a day.. Every time you drink water add pinch of cinnamon it evens out blood sugar.. if your skin is dry make mask with 1 organic egg yolk, drop of tea tree oil, ground oatmeal, and organic milk make like a paste and apply on skin(place plastic wrap in  strips over mask, to prevent  mask  from drying.

    oh and add some supplements, that fight inflammation vitamin E and flaxseed oil, it will prevent dry skin since you are taking this very harsh medication