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  1. these are the products i use: nivea gentle cleansing cream - this also moisturizes and exfoliates at the same time cetaphil moisturizer clearisil bp 5% i'm basically cleared up 90% now. i haven't gotten anything bad for the last 2-3 weeks. only a small zit here and there. i used to have those big ugly bumps before all the time, and now that i don't get those i'm pretty happy. this is basically a variation on dan's regime. his regime doesn't have exfoliating in it, so i decided to
  2. yeah i know...quit picking at my face!! i know...but it's hard. i have a very bad habit of picking my face...it's just i keep feeling and thinking that it would heal faster if i peeled the skin off so my skin looks "nicer" instead of healing red scabs...so the result, i peel a layer off...then it heals and looks like a dry layer of skin. so i peel that off too. and eventually i smarten up and quit doing it, and slowly but surely it will heal. anyways, besides the stop peeling it off is th