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  1. @Quadboy Glad to hear you are having results with your TCA Cross! Did you use the TCA at 100%, or did you dilute it? When you apply the TCA with the toothpick, are you leaving the toothpick in place until it frosts? How long did you wait between sessions? Was it the full month? Also, have you done a peel or spot peel? Thanks for any help. Just wanting to compare and share!
  2. Great results! Looking forward to updates
  3. @beautifulambition Well my skin is handling a double layer of 15% TCA very nicely. I am peeling better this time, and I think that is a combination of using the acetone before hand and doing a double layer. I still have more than 50% of my face left to peel. I am very happy with what I am seeing. I will spot test before I do a 20%. I always test everything. Why risk more damage? I am trying to make my face look better. LOL. Thanks for your reply. It reeeeaaaaallllly helps me !
  4. I just did a 15% TCA peel today. It is the peel kit from MUAC, so it isn't JUST TCA in there (in other words, you have to neutralize this one). This is my second peel. I did one a few months ago. The first time I did one layer and had no frosting and my skin flaked more than peeled. Today I did one layer, waited 5 minutes, applied a second layer. I had one very small patch of frosting. That is all! I don't think I will see great results without frosting, or am I wrong? I guess time will tel
  5. @keving100 https://yeouth.com/collections/serums/products/pure-hyaluronic-acid-serum-dp-b00l1k7hrc That is the HA that I bought and use. Others may prefer a different brand. Don't get anything with Vitamin C or other things added to it.
  6. @healing2.0 Thanks for the video. GREAT stuff!! Yikes!! Sometimes it appears to not come out at all, not come out far enough, or even come out at a slight angle. Not sure I want to spend money on this right now (or at all), especially with the Canadian dollar being so crummy.
  7. kat22


    You don't want to use Dermaflage daily. It isn't cheap. It's not easy to apply, it takes a while to get it right. It's good for going out to special events, etc. Only mix what you are going to use. Be sure to push gently to get the stuff out of the tubes, because otherwise you end up wasting it. Once you mix it you only have so long to apply it. So small amount, mix, apply, repeat.
  8. @ericb12 That is the one I have. I don't use it for the same reason, it feels like it is dragging and tearing . What I have done is just lift it up and move it, but it's really not that great. I will get the derminator. @QuanHenry I had subsicion and filler done Oct 2015. I've also done one TCA 15% peel and just finished my 2nd TCA Cross. I am going to do another peel next. I will alternate treatments.... peel, cross, and derminator. I agree, one treatment isn't enough!
  9. @QuanHenry Reading this thread from the beginning. Nearly choked on my tea when I read this.
  10. @keving100 I live near Toronto. Did you have to pay duties or anything? I am considering ordering the derminator. I have a dermapen but I think it's a waste of time. The derminator looks far superior. I think I am just scared of it. LOL.
  11. It depends. After almost 2 years I don't bleed anymore on cheeks even with max needle length (except the forehead) lol Are you doing other treatments or just the derminator? How much improvement would you think you've had with it? You must like it if you still use it after 2 years.
  12. @beautifulambition But I dun wanna make myself bleed like that Ok, going to read the derminator thread!!
  13. @keving100 Ok, here is the scary one! Scary derminator Here is what looks to be a mild usage of the derminator Mild use I just found this video journey showing great results from microneedling Before, during, and after I don't have a derminator (I have a dermapen) so I don't know how to use it.
  14. @beautifulambition Thanks for the post! When you use the derminator, does it make you bleed? In order to see benefits, are you supposed to bleed? I watched a video of a woman using it and it was scary!
  15. Your scars will continue to improve as collagen rebuilds where you did the TCA Cross. It takes time for this to happen. Isn't it fun? LOL. I agree, this website is what is helping me on my journey! I got my TCA Peel Kit from MUAC. I ordered a few things and they put a free product in with my order!! I get small pimples with my cycle, along my jawline. They are just little things and go away quickly. Actually, since I started the Mandelic Acid products from MUAC, I hardly get any at a