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  1. yeah i really hope so! sometimes i think i'm clearing and my skin looks really good, then i'll just break out again! I'm hoping to be competely clear by xmas!
  2. Hey! thanks for your reply!! I'm just so impatient with these things lol!! i've got my 1st derm appt in about 3 weeks, so hopefully she can give me something topical to use while on dianette..i hope so anyway! i'm getting married in 8 months so i desperately want clear skin!
  3. Hey, i'm currently taking the bcp dianette, i've been on it for exactly 2 months and 1 day. i'm breaking out pretty bad right now, just wanted to know if this is normal or not. is it like an initial breakout or something? when will my skin get better and stop breaking out????!!! Thanks
  4. i live in london. i have my 1st derm appt coming up in a few weeks time. my gp referred me to the clementine churchill hospital in harrow, middlesex privately. i obviously can't recommend my derm because i haven't seen her yet, but when he was referring me he said they've got good derms there.
  5. Can someone tell me exactly what irregular is? like do you have to be waaay out each month or whatever or is being irregular like varying 5 or 6 days each month?
  6. i was on microgynon for 4 years, after which i complained to my doctor about my bad skin. he said it was caused by microgynon (something about the specific hormones or something), so he put me on dianette. So basically microgynon will most likely affect your skin for the worse if you suffer from acne, and will not at all help it unfortunately. Perhaps ask him if you could try yasmine or something..
  7. i live in the uk as well...i just came back from the bahamas, i used nivea for the 1st half of the holiday...whatver you do do not use it on your face, it broke me out like crazy!!!! while i was there i switched to using Lancaster, which is pretty expensive, but my breakouts stopped as soon as i started using it. They do a special face one which costs quite a bit but will last ages because it's only for the face
  8. i was on microgynon for 4 years..i had like zero sex drive...i came off and everything went back to normal. I just started dianette 2 months ago and so far my sex drive is still normal!
  9. i've used it for a couple years now..i absolutely love it!! it's got such a nice light feeling, but has full coverage it's amazing! i'll NEVER use anything else lol!
  10. i'm on dianette...i think it's the uk version of diane 35
  11. 3 times a week is perfectly normal as is 3 times a day. here's the evidence: http://ibdcrohns.about.com/od/dailylife/a/normalbm.htm
  12. ok so i got back from holiday in the bahamas..i thought after a week of sun and a fantastic tan my skin would look great when i looked in my usual mirror at home. my tan was great but the spots and red marks were exactly the same, which is unusual for me...i usually come back from holiday with flawless skin, so i was pretty shocked! I had been using tea tree and witch hazel cosmetic wipes and nivea oil free moisturising fluid and that's it. I decided i wanted a proper clease, tone and moisturi
  13. i've read that it is perfectly normal if you go between 3 and 21 times a week