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  1. I did read this post with interest as I have a clearskin roller. I CAN see that one of the pins on my roller is bent like the one in the photo, but that is because I dropped it and I'm sure other rollers would have been the same. The other question this post raises for me however, is whether thinner needles are better or not. I use my roller daily and rarely get tracking marks. So it doesn't seem to be damaging my skin and maybe it is better to use thicker needles for product absorption. I
  2. Gosh willow your skin is truly amazing. It is ALL in your head - a serious thing that might be AND it will require working on, but it's not your skin you need to worry about. There are people much younger than you that would love to have your skin C2
  3. Then you said: Have your results plateaued or are you continuing to get better results?
  4. This is an interesting thread because I have been using the .75 dermaroller for a couple of months with retin A at night and copper peptides in the morning. What I have noticed is that if I roll religiously day and night (not too hard - or you WILL leave tracking marks) what happens is that my skin swells slightly and does make my acne scars far less noticeable. However, if I go for some time without rolling (just applying topicals) my skin goes back a bit. I find this really interesting a
  5. congratulations your skin is really lovely! I would be greatly interested in how you found the experience with fraxel repair in general (eg pain, recovery time etc) and whether you felt it lead to a greater improvement than fraxel 2 or not? You seem to be one of the few people who have had considerable experience with both and your feedback on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks C2
  6. I just had to add my 2 cents worth about 'over-dosing' on Vit C - even tho it's off topic. I had sinusitis that was VERY resistant to antibiotics, the doc was talking about operation to clean out etc. which I absolutely did not want to do. After months of problems and different antibiotics I took mega doses of vit C for FOUR days and my sinusitis began to clear (I finished off with sinus rinsing which cleared it completely). It was truly like a miracle to me after all the problems I had. I a
  7. I've started needling and rolling. I have a .75 dermaroller and I try to do that every night alternating retin A and copper peptides on my skin. I have also needled a few deeper scars. This is very new to me so I'm still a novice, but I have noticed that when I find scar tissue the needle doesn't hurt at all, but when I touch normal skin it hurts a lot. I have also noticed like a number of you that some scars have popped and some haven't. I think that the dermaroller improves general skin
  8. Yes, I have done saline injections, needling, and subscision and combined it with the aftercare regimen. No results whatsoever--in fact, my scars appear to be sinking deeper all of the time. I am very close to just completely giving up. Things that work for other people do nothing for me! I have been trying to remove scars for 8 years and have gotten nowhere. Reducing scars is, by far, the most difficult thing that I have ever attempted to do. This is the only thing that I have worked on d