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  1. How to prevent acne scarring? Do not touch them! end of story. Why? When a whitehead is formed. Basophiles are at the site which produces heparin and histamines. They cause inflammation which appears to have a red flare. Heparin is known to be a natural anticoagulant and inhibits thrombin. Thrombin Are the clotting factors that endorses coagulation and repair the skin by moving firbroblast to the area. Now, when the skin is irritated, inflammed, and you happen to pop it, it just irrit
  2. Has anyone thought about using a cigarette to your face? My cousins friend told me he done this and when it burnt his scar, he let it bleed and scab. Once it started drying up, he added that scar healer and it worked out great! I'm scared to feel the pain, but its worth a try after seeing his results.
  3. I'm with you on character, but I hate how i have a localized pimple site and it just makes my cheek look gross. I'm talking to this one chick, and i make sure i'm always on her left side. I'm trying to forget the fact there is no way of hiding it. It will always be there. It use to look a lot more gross because it had those red marks for like a year. Its finally a year and its almost gone. I need to build my confidence up again. I can't take this anymore. And i'm really digging this chic
  4. What do you mean pick on it? Does it come off like a scab or something or would picking at it be like simply cutting your skin? I picked on it meaning i ripped off the skin part. The skin grows back, but no more keloids or whatever that was. I have one more, but i don't feel like doing it again.
  5. it won't disappear, but the look will get better. I too suffer from this and I can't do shit about it. The only thing i wish for is a time machine. haha but o well, Just live life happy and you'll find out that no one cares about them too much after meeting you. I still get paranoid with the lighting on my face and i get irritated. I still want to get a cheese grater and grate my whole face.
  6. lol, i love that! they got a lot of the internet people to join the video.
  7. when i had that on my chest, i picked on it until it was flat. it scabbed and stayed flat. I don't know that will help out. The brown scar it leaves will go away in 6 weeks or so. Its well worth it and cheap.
  8. any sexual contact can transmit any form of STD, AIDS, and HIV's. Even if you had a BJ you should always wear a condom. This definitely sounds like a genital wart. Go see a doctor Immediately before your dick falls off. But to be honest, even though you took care of those warts, the damage has already been done. It will probably show no more side effects in the future, but it is still in your system. Also get yourself tested and see what exactly STD you have and let us know what you have.
  9. thanks for the tip. i'll try them after my acne swells down.
  10. i'm recovering though. Being with people makes me happy and it makes up for it. I have a few small acne that i will wait until it clears up. I seriously don't mind if the scars i have will have the same skin tone color as the rest of my face. The depressed scars i will worry later. For, I just want an even pigment.
  11. yeah, i'm gonna go check up on my dermatologist next semester. Another sad thing is that I have contemplated suicide many times. I just don't have the guts to do it. I do however tend to do extreme activities that will certainly get myself hurt, but I feel that having fun and being with family and friends is living life and enjoying it. And I should be glad and grateful I am alive today. Its just that I feel that as I am alive today, I have a show case of acne and acne scars to showoff and
  12. exactly Last year I started a major breakout due to biking excessively and forget to wash my face from sweat. It subsided in late September and my face was getting better. I noticed scars were appearing and I became so obsessed with my scars. I hate them so much and i keep telling myself they will never leave so stop looking at them. More of my pimples went away and just every now and then a few pimples come up. Most of the redness went away but i still have some where the scars are indente
  13. I had those before on my chest. I hated the look when i was young so i picked on them until there was blood and no skin. I let it healed and it healed like natural skin. I was shocked that I could do that. I thought i could it on my face, but the face is different and thin than other skin.