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  1. Well, the thing is, I was sceptical with tetrasil, but I did notice some great improvement- the most i've had with any treatment. The stuff on my legs went right away, and within, say a week, i would probably have let somebody see it- contrasted with the way i was before. its also very waxy so it doesnt dry out skin. i'd say its pricey, but the way i justified it to myself was "would i pay 15 pounds for the chance that i might get rid of it?" of course i would.
  2. God, i've just about had it with folliculitis....!!! I'm 26 and had it on my buttocks and sometimes back of my legs for the last ten or so years. Just there. It's really embarrassing. I finally plucked up the courage to go to the doctors about two years ago, dropped my kecks and bared all. I was told, like many, it's acne. I know it's not. try arguing... they told me it would go away. i said it wouldn't/hasn't. they prescribed an antibiotic which i knew would do nothing as i'd had it before. i
  3. how did you get on with this btw? i've just ordered it for mine! ten years of it! aarggh! its had some pretty good reviews so i thought id try it.
  4. i've got marks on my buttocks too. i was on ethromycin for it and i got two different diagnoses for it- one doctor saying its folliculitis one saying it was localised acne. from looking at pictures, i'd say it was the first one. but youre right, doctors are dismissive and ive had these lesions on my backside for about ten years and i'm very good at not letting anybody see my buttocks! i'm going to go to the doctor again this week about it and try again!
  5. hi, i've been using paula's gel for a week now. ive noticed some improvement though what i am concerned about is open pores. ive got all the gunk out of some of them, but theyre still there like little greyish holes, i'm sure some of you guys know what i mean. so- what next, if i carry on with the bha will they shrink, or do i need to find a specialist product? cheers!
  6. yeah i leave it on, when you wash your face again, it comes off. i use the gel. what you have to be careful with is putting too much on. if you just but a little bit on, see how you get on it should soak in quickly. if you use too much it goes a bit gluey on your skin! i put suncream on if i go out, theres no point putting it on if youre staying in. depending on how you get on, you may see some flakiness, if so just moisturise with a non greasy moisturiser. i use biore or garnier pure a's r
  7. yeah ive been using it for about a week now. whats odd is that the skin around my blackheads looks better, fresher, but the blackheads themselves look darker. this is it all coming up to the surface right? well its not dried my skin out at all and one of the things its good at is stopping the amount of oil on my nose. so i'm kind of pleased with it so far, but i hoped for more blackhead reduction:(
  8. hi, i'm 24 years old with v.pale greasy skin. if i'm going to break out anywhere, its on the left side of my face, mosly there. its not that severe, only about 4-6 spots, but its noticeable enough for people to comment! ggrr! (Why do they have to say it? as if i havent noticed! i would never say that! i am totally tempted next time i see them to say "hey-look youre fat/balding/have big ears!" ) i'm using paula's choice on my t-zone and cheeks and happy enough with it so far, ive put a bi
  9. same here. i started on the same day as you!
  10. hi, i use mudd original clay mask. i saw it on a beauty page as a recommendation for plugs and blackheads and i find my skin looks instantly better because the clay just soaks up all the oil. if you leave it on a bit longer (i.e til it goes hard) and work it off with a flannel, it does really very well. it shirnks some of my pores a bit because it sucks all the crap out and cleans very well the pores on my nose. it only cost about 95p for a mask and i think its very good. i use it before i go
  11. Hi, ive had blackheads and greasy skin for about 13 years now, and i didnt know what to do about it until i came here and picked up some cool tips from you guys, i've been reading beautiful day's paula's log and i thought i'd start my own, i know a few of you are trying paulas gel too for the first time and like me are hoping that it gets rid of those horrible things for good ! ive got deep ones all over my nose, particularly down the sides, some light clogged pores on my chin and over my
  12. Salicylic acid should not be used with alkaline products, like bar soaps (but bar soaps really shouldn't be used on the skin anyway; see my pinned thread in this forum), because these can negatively impact the effectiveness of a salicylic acid product. I would not recommend using more than one type of exfoliant, manual or chemical, at a time. Diacneal contains glycolic acid, so I would not recommend using this at the same time as your Paula's Choice BHA product. Most salicylic acid products
  13. hi! thanks for the advice- and the fact that it works is heartening! i'm going to start my own regimen, because ive been inspired by the success stories! and get myself some p.c bha 2% and some greencream and a sunscreen and give it a go. Does anybody here use Paula's choice bha, in combination with other salicyclic acid products like cleansers and toners?
  14. hi i've been referred to this thread from my other post! ive had oily skin and ingrained blackheads on my nose and cheeks for years now, so i'm going to start a regimen as suggested here with PC 2%bha gel, and diancneal. but i need a sunscreen don't i? can anybody recommend one that is cheapish and easily available in the u.k? i was considering the neutragena spf 30 sunscreen. oh and any advice about anything NOT to mix with these two products- i'm a novice! i'm happy with my garnier pure a