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  1. Hi there - I too struggle with closed comedones. While I haven't gotten rid of them entirely yet, there are a few things that help: The acne.org AHA sold on this website (or any AHA) - I've been using this for years and it keeps a lot of areas of my face clear. It's pretty mild, I got some slight purging when I started it, but purging can be expected with any products to try to get rid of closed comedones. I also use differin gel on the really stubborn areas of my face. This stuff is harshe
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for a good, alcohol-free toner that will help balance the ph of my skin. Cruelty-free would be a bonus! Thanks
  3. You're supposed to avoid vitamin a while on accutane, and since these have 100% of your vitamin a for the day, it would probably be best to steer clear of these until your course ends
  4. Congrats on starting accutane! Just a heads up regarding the anti-dandruff shampoos: because the dry scalp is caused by dry skin, not fungus (like dandruff is) sometimes the dandruff shampoo can irritate your scalp instead of helping it on accutane. Some people say that the dandruff shampoo helps, and some people say it doesn't. Just something to keep in mind. Another thing to look into instead of dandruff shampoo would be a moisturizing shampoo. And I have super oily hair, and when I was on
  5. Sound terrifying, right? Just something about the words "acid/chemical peel" and "face" together just makes me envision a burn victim or something. It actually went fine. Surprisingly fine (well, I guess not surprisingly, since I read a lot of reviews about doing mandelic acid peels at home, and made sure I knew what I was doing.) So WHY a mandelic acid peel? Well, a few weeks ago, as I was staring at my oodles and oodles of closed comedones on the side of my mouth, I remember thinking back t
  6. Does a derm have to give it out, or can a GP write a prescription? Not sure how it goes where you live, but I got mine prescribed by the GP. I went to my family doctor, and she tried to do the antibiotic route, which I was not pleased about, so I phoned the clinic the next day and got an appointment with a different doctor and he pretty much went, "Oh God, yes, I'm putting you on accutane." So maybe if it's possible, try to see another doctor? Some hand it out more willingly. Another thing yo
  7. Because you started the first month on such a low dose, it may take you longer to reach your "cumulative" dose than other people have on here (so therefore, it may take much longer than six months. I remember reading some stories on here where people were on their treatment for 9+ months.) Is your skin better at all? Are there certain areas that look better than they used to? When I did my accutane courses, it took quite a while for everything in my cheeks to purge. I thought I would be break
  8. Aloha and… hello. So what is it, roughly week two? My skin is definitely improving. The majority of it is clear(ish) apart from the bumpity bump bumps around my chin. I don’t know if the clearing is due to anything new I have been doing, or if my skin is just having it’s one week of looking alright (it does this every month or two, it just clears up, I have no idea how, I’ve done nothing differently, and then it gets cloggy again.) As for the aforementioned bumpity bump bumps around my c
  9. I struggle with closed comedones as well. I've found that dan's AHA works wonders for some parts of my face, but not for others. The area around my chin gets whiteheads very easily, and even after I clear them up with something stronger, they'll return even if I use the AHA every night. Maybe if you use salicylic acid and get clear, use it every second or third night as a "maintenance" on the areas that tend to get clogged the most and then use the AHA the other nights?
  10. CeraVe all the way. I used Cetaphil during my rounds of accutane, and while it moisturized, I found it gave my skin this shiny, plastic, almost greasy looking glow. I use the regular CeraVe lotion, it's lightweight but also moisturizing, and their cream they have if my skin is feeling particularly dry. I've also tried their sunscreen and haven'e noticed any breakouts (mind you, I don't go outside very often, so I can't attest to long-term use of it.) Also, CeraVe is cruelty free, where Cetap
  11. Thanks! If I manage to find it down there, I think I'll risk taking it. I'm assuming the worst that could happen is that they take it away and I go hope empty-handed.
  12. The CeraVe cleanser for dry skin (the gel one, not the foaming one) is the best cleanser I've found, and my skin breaks out with almost everything. Even Cetaphil broke me out because of the very, very tiny amount of SLS it had in it. I also used SpectoGel for a time, and that was very good as well.
  13. Hello all. From my understanding (and please do tell me if I'm wrong) Differin can be purchased in the US over-the-counter. I'm coming to the States from Canada in a few weeks, and I was wondering if I would be able to purchase it there and bring it across the border with me. (Google has been no help.) To get adapalene in the Great White North, you need a prescription, and it is VERY costly, so this would save me a lot of money. So yes, the question: can I bring it across the border? Or is
  14. Good luck! I was on Tactuo (similar to differin) a few years back to clear up some nasty clogged forehead acne, and I'm on it again now to clear the acne around my mouth. It really was the only topical I tried that actually cleared my skin (and I've tried lots.) It does take time to work, however, and if you are using it every second night, it may take even longer. The first time I used it, I didn't start to get flaking and purging closer to three weeks in. But it's so worth it in the end!
  15. Oh. My. God. Just when I thought that it couldn’t get anymore interesting after the last face mask… IT DID. It’s mostly my fault. I have all these idea’s that I think will be so easy and successful, and I overlook small details and it just ends in DISASTER, because I am an illogical fuck (Spock would not approve.) So, MY ingenious idea was to use a blackhead clearing strip on my nose to sort of open up the tops of the blackheads, then use a charcoal mask mixed my a pink clay one I’ve b