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  1. Interesting topic... Well, I've done some resarch on the web, and i found what kind of stuff is that. http://www.ayushveda.com/herbs/cassia-absus.htm It has many names, so goole with all of them, to find a webstore to purchase. I found this one, but it ships only in UK... http://yorkshirespicestore.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=52
  2. I've learned that in acne disease what works for one could be ineffecive (or make WORSE the situation) for another... For example, Zinc improves skin condition in a lot of people with my acne, but in my case aggravate it! So, as GreenEyes said, there's no ONE cure for acne, simply because every acne is different. You have to TRY, until you found what works FOR YOU.
  3. I have raised up my dosage from 3000IU to 4000IU and my acne get WORSE! So I return to 3000 and now i'm clear as before... It' possible that too much vit d, for some people, is not good?
  4. 7000IU daily? Too much! You should take no more than 4000IU. If you want to stay over 4000 you have to check up your calcemia every 3 months...
  5. Sure, it's the same thing, but liquid form is easily absorbed and it's less irritating for your stomach. Wrong. If the VitaminD3 works for you, it also do the job at low dosage. I started to cleared up at 1000IU/daily (I had severe adult acne, 2 course of Accutane and other shits...), now i stay on 3000IU/daily. 90% clear. You can raise the dosage up to 4000-5000IU daily, without doing any blood test or docotor supervision. But over 5000IU you have to get your blood test every 3-4 months, t
  6. Choose the liquid form. Better absorbed and well stomach tolerated. I'd suggest to looking for VITAMIN D3 as cholecalciferol from lanolin, in extra virgin olive oil. Like this one. http://www.naturesanswer.com/p-833-platinu...000-iu-5oz.aspx You can find it also on Ebay! :angel:
  7. Try with vitd3. Start 2000IU/daily, it's very safe and you will notice the results (or not-result) in a week.
  8. I had GREAT resulty by taking 3000IU daily of Vitamin D3. Severe acne, now 80% clear thanx to this vitamin. IN MY CASE, the deficiency of this vitamin has a great impoprtance. But I've read about people taking 5000-7000IU of VITD3 w/o any improvements...
  9. I have the same experience with the flush (see my post in the previous page of this topic). Well, if vitamin D works for you, it's a side effect you can deal with... I started with 1,000 IU, and had always red hot face! But after 2 weeks this side effect diminuished, almost disappeared... So raised up to 2000IU, still hot red face, keeping on this dosage for like 20 days and then the flush went almost away. Now I'm on 3000IU, same course... At the beginning hot flush, but it's going down and I'm
  10. 30mg of Zinc should be enough. Anyway don't go over 50mg/daily, it's not safe.
  11. Wow, very strange... I'm taking the D3 (Cholecalciferol), drops formulation. My brother (that is a doc) said that moderate flush is normal with this vitamin... What kind of BRAND NAME are you taking?
  12. So, this is my experience with vitamin D. I'm 36, severe acne since a was teenager. One month ago I started with 1000IU of vitamin D. Results after 2 days, in a week I was nearly clear, better than many antibiotics and roaccutane! After a couple of week two big cysts grown on my left cheek, so I raised the dosage to 4000IU and I'm still CLEAR (occasional little spots, that soon disappear, but nothing of severe like before). The only side effect, in my case, is red hot flushing all over my face
  13. Niacin (B3) may cause flushing, tingling and skin reddening, particularly on an empty stomach.. For this reason, there' another type of niacin called flush-free. It's "niacin as inositol hexanicotinate". You can find it anywhere, and it has the same effects of the standard niacin (w/o flush, of course).
  14. How long should you use this? 30days isnt that much I guess. A complete course is about 3 months: 10 days assuming the pill, stop for 20 days, 10 days again, stop for another 20 days, and the last 10 days (then stop for 20 days before start another course). http://www.bioveta.cz/en/human-division/ac...vac-dosage.html The product contains harmless bacterial particles originating from the bacteria that are common causative agents of skin diseases (Staphylococcus epidermidis and Propioni
  15. I've bought on internet this Acnevac, and I'm assuming it now for 2th cylce (10 days, stop 20 days, 10 days again...). What should I say? It seems to do absolutely NOTHING...