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  1. also be careful of taking to much zinc since its TOXIC...thats why you lose copper and get anxiety.
  2. why do the holistics make up sites saying once you take it thats it your pretty much ruined...search google for roaccutane science and xsorbit boards with thousands of suffers
  3. thank you so much. it really has given me relief.. its just i got obsessed and blamed roaccutane for my anxiety and depression after reading all those horrible sites...so m any people were complaining and thats all i read... and than reading roaccutane science(google it and see what i mean) lol it goes on about what the drug does.. its the holistic world that corrupted me. making me believe its bad. im feeling alot calmer now
  4. I only want people to post here who have taken accutane and how long they have been on it for, what dose and or when they stopped taking it. And I want to know how it affected you mentally. I have read so many horror stories and only want people to post positives ones here who have honestly taken it without serious problems. Im going tthrough a crisis at the moment and blaming roaccutane and my silver fillings( have 18) and doctors say its psychosomatic to blame them as iuts not true.
  5. has anyone tried taking zinc to help skin and acne? did you know it depletes copper, you may be deficient in copper which can cause a host of symptoms. i used to take multi vitamins and some zinc as well. but in the long run my copper was depleting. Hyperthyroidism in a subclinical state is what I had sufferred and undiagnosed which CAN BE (not the main) caused by copper depletion,..it went after taking i took 20 mg of copper daily for 3 weeks. prior to this i was on adrenals and thyroid supps
  6. thank u Andrew...u have quite a handsome look about u :P

  7. You have a gentle face...And, an erotic physique.

  8. being nude makes ppl not look at my face:) lol

  9. not too bad, pretty bored. what's with all the nudies? haha

  10. aww no one has replied lol. Im so self concious but the best thing to overcome your fear is to face it so I posted pics for people to say anything...its easier on the net than real life.
  11. hey im good. u?