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    lol this thread is funny although i dont necessarily agree with people attacking poor brad I do agreee that he is making a bigger deal out of it than it really is.... but then again its all about the person and how he or she feels about themselves, like brad can feel just as bad about his one tiny little scar as someone else does about lots of deep and severe ones... but brad, if your one small scar really bothers you that much (like obsessively) you may want to seek some help because that
  2. you guys shouldnt order from julie she is a dishonest crook she has been banned from this website several times and many other similar sites. the photos on her website and the ones she posted on here and various other places are clearly photoshopped and if you think otherwise you are clearly fooling yourself. nobody and i mean nobody gets that kind of improvement from cross and especially in the amount of time she specified. she said that her improvements were after one session and if you not
  3. very interesting thread... if we can actually come up with a solution how long it would take to implement. anyways here are my thoughts on this -if stem cells are told to produce or regenerate skin cells how can we regulate such growth? couldn't the stem cells potentially produce too much skin or act abnormally resulting in hypertrophic or keloid scarring? -mixing in tca does not seem applicable.... im no scientist but since tca is an acid wouldn't it just destroy the stem cells? -injecting
  4. The acne probably messed with your melontin and you won't tan but will burn. exactly Sounds like u learned ur lesson What lesson lol? Acne is my school and I'm the principal! Just curious about your name Necromancer, are you like some type of womanizer? a necromancer is practitioner of the black arts in which he tries to summon the dead or spirits it has nothing to do with womanizing or romance...... derived from greek necro means dead and manteia means divination
  5. excision is a tricky procedure (not the excision itself, but whether or not one should go through with it).... the doc will probably say like 10% fail but i assume its much more than that...like when they say oh yea you'll get a 90% improvement from fraxel(complete bs).... and if it does fail you'll be left with an even worse excision scar.... i thought about doing a punch float a deep rolling scar and an excision for a deep ice pick scar but after needling, retin a micro and smoothbeam i think
  6. i agree use .1% that is what i use and use retin-a micro and use it every night consistency is key with any treatment
  7. also please answer this question also, have you tried the smoothbeam laser by candella? i think this is the best laser out there. and i do not agree with your statement about lasers cutting through the skin causing more scarring. yes ablative lasers remove the top layer of the skin damaging it and leaving the chance of additional scarring but non-ablative lasers heat the skin and leave the epidermis intact and works by producing collagen from the inside out. but thats not to say that non-ablati
  8. wonko what type of scars do you have and what is the severity? it is much harder to treat severe ice pick scarring but for example shallow rolling scars and boxcars are easier to treat. I dont remember if you have tried this but i believe subscision offers some good and i believe permanent results for rolling scars.I myself have not tried this but i plan on doing it after i undergo some other treatments first. you should also try needling/dermaroller/CIT the needles are too small to do any dam
  9. is it just me or am i the only one who thinks that most of the people who post %'s of improvements are doing so right after or a week or so after their treatment? hasn't anyone heard of swelling and microswelling? that being said where are all the posts of people reporting their improvements 6 months after their final treatment? that is what i am interested in. if you guys know about people who have seen results 6 mo. after their final treatment please let me know. i would look for them myse
  10. topicals do not work for scars they can only lighten the appearance but your scars will not fill in
  11. sounds excellent and i hope it works... i am unaware of this product, but it seems that you have researched it. so if you dont mind i have some questions about acell -is it out of the trial phase? -who are these highly credible resources? -is there any information as to when this product will be widely available? -90-95% improvement... does this mean that they have tested it on humans and those were the results or are they speculative results? - in your opinion when do you think that we wi
  12. ok so who else is sick of people posting about various scar treatments without providing any information whatsoever..... i was recently reading the reviews on laser resurfacing and many dont even specify as to which treatment they had... and some people post positively 5 days after their treatments and say it works!!! omg red marks arent scars and people whine and moan about one tiny little imperfection on their face when some people on here have deep scars all over.... needless to say this
  13. ok so acell is some sort of chemical or fluid to be used in conjunction with surgery and/or lasers?