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  1. I'm pretty satisfied with accutane generally, acne wise. BUT - the milia i had around my eyes since I started accutane did not disappear - and the few milia that I've had after accutane have also persisted. Anyone? help?
  2. hey, I finished accutane a month ago, I have a few questions if anyone can help: Ok, so recently every morning I wake up I have these new little whitehead-y things, Which even before accutane I never really used to get, especially not this many. So, firstly, could this be a side effect that'll wear off? Or - could it be the effect of using scrubs or cleansers, which I do? Also, pretty recently I got a crazy intense sunburn. Could some acne be a result of sun exposure? I've heard it causes clogg
  3. Hi, I was wondering if there was such a thing as a breakout caused by coming off the tane. LIke an IB in reverse? The reason I ask is I finished tane about two weeks ago, and about a week after I was finished I'm getting some little pimples and bumps, and Iv'e never really had these before.. its especially weird since I never used to get this type of little irritation before, plus I havn't had pimples for a few months already while on the pill. It seems alittle soon.. so I thought maybe it could
  4. hey, I'm finishing my last week of accutane, having done about 4 and a half months. I don't break out anymore, but I do still have red spots from old pimples.. should I keep on taking it for longer? will that help make the results permanent? I need help
  5. hey, I was wondering if anyone knew, if clogged pores have to become whiteheads to clear up, or can they just disappear with the medicine? also, when did you guys see results? cuz I have a week left on accutane, and i still have red spots from old pimples that have been there for months, and just today I got a new little whitehead. In other words - when will my red spots heal?
  6. It does suck when people ask about your acne. I'm on accutane and everyone I meet is saying "why are you so red?" etc. But seriously I think most of them are just trying to help, and not having the experience themselves they don't really know what to say.. Like I think your boss who gave you the proactive wasnt trying to tell you your acne is bad and he couldnt put up with it. He wanted to be nice. I just try not to care, and not take it all too seriously.
  7. Hey.. Im on accutane and have a month and a half left. first of all, I'm still breaking out, which I was really expecting would end by now.. I have a question: I have this new thing near my nose that won't come out but just stays a red bump.. Is there any way to bring it out? It's not really a cyst its more like pus under the skin.... ahhhhhhhh
  8. I have the same thing from yesterday.. except it was my own doing.. how long do you think it takes to heal?