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  1. I think they're the same, just rebranded. I found some people in other forums that seem to have used it successfully. It only has 4 bulbs rather than 6, so it covers about 1/3 less area (as does my lamp BTW) than say the beautyskin, but other than that it should work every bit as well. I like the idea of the front cover thing, it makes it easier to transport. It doesn't seem to have a built-in time, but lots of people moan about the noisiness of the timers on the other lamps, an egg timer
  2. Recommendation: Dr. Ava Shamban, Laser Institute http://www.shamban-md.com/ 310.828.2282 2021 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 600 East Santa Monica, CA 90404 I had mild/moderate acne, I had one PDT done and was very happy with the clearance, texture and tone changes. She also has me using Bactrim orally one per day and topical application of Duac (on the T-zone) and Metrogel (on remainder of face) and a AHA Glycolic wash. However, they recommended a deep cleaning facial which I did ge
  3. Are you using the white neosporin cream or the gel-like ointment? I know the ointment definitely clogs pores. The cream is supposed to be a lot less comedogenic. That's where I was gonna go ... the white cream Neosporin is way better, non-greasy, absorbs better, doesn't smear or leave shine, helps heal ... plus some people have allergic reactions to the ointment type Neosporin. The white cream Neosporin also has pain relief, which might not be needed for acne stuff, but it's just an adde
  4. The ACV sounds like a pretty good idea, it has been used as a cleaner/disinfectant for household things. However, I would consider NOT premixing it with water, because standing water grows bacteria. I would suggest mixing it fresh for each application, or only a very small batch enough for a couple days application at a time. The ACV might hinder the bacteria growth that usually occurs in water, but I wouldn't risk it. Perhaps that contributes to it losing its effectiveness for people too ...
  5. Below is part of my post from another thread a couple weeks ago on this treatment ..... then at the end is some follow-up on the situation that I provided for someone else ...... I ended up going to see Dr. Ava Shamban (whom I see someone else had mentioned in another thread) (she was the cosmetic dermatologist on Extreme Makeover, and was recommended by another reknowned dermatolgist in SoCal since he did not specialize in acne treatments). She and one of her consultants suggested PDT (and dee
  6. I just came across this forum/website today. I was on the pill for many years, so I didn't have much trouble with acne until I stopped taking it about 6 months ago. What I would consider minor blemishes before became more common and more pronounced -- I didn't really get blackheads or whiteheads, mine were usually big red bumps that seemed like there was bacteria in, but it was way beneath the surface ... and I have a compulsion to try to get rid of it, so I would pick and pick -- sometimes with