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  1. i just never been this pale before i was fine with how pale i was befor and its mainly because it makes my red marks stick out more so that sucks and sid i dont even watch mtv so ok. im a lil worried that tanning lotions look unreal and have chemicals that will clog my pores
  2. yea will it return to normal soon or what should i do ???????
  3. o god will it always be like this? i moiterize once a day in the morning
  4. im exactly two months post tane and im still just as dry and everything maybe gotten one pimple since stopping but my problem is on my cheecks are prett flushed looking and when u look closely there are little red bumps like a rash except its like they could become zits but dont just go away and then more will come its scaley looking and i was with gentle wash once a day and water a moisterize in the morning so i dunno why its like this it looks like rosacea but worse and feels like little bumps
  5. i know, i layed in the sun this weekend and it didnt make my skin any darker just tinted it red and made my redmarks stick out more wich are just on my cheeks i was so dissapointed im scared to go fake tanning because it might now work i dont know what to do ive i was just a lil darker it would be almost impossible to see my redmarks but im white as paper and ive never been like this
  6. yea ive heard exfoliating can help i will do that every now and then and i did landscaping so i was in the sun so much on accutane but never got tan just reddish it sucked and i dont wanna be tan like brown just want my normal healthy pigment back i even avoid certain lights that make me look even more pale help
  7. im done with accuatne been done for almost 2 months like a month and 20 days anyways i dont really have any acne or anything wich is good but the accutane fucked up my pigment ive never been so white and my skin is uneven and when i get really hot or something i turn red and can feel it its weird i just want to know if it has messed up my pigment for life or if this is normal or what and im still just as dry as when i was mon accutane so im just a little worried two months after stopping and my