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  1. day 74 whoa, sorry for the lack of updates... in between week 10 and 11 now! and i've got lots of news: went to my derm for the OK go before i started my third month. i have a new derm now, and she's pretty nice. i told her about my achy joints, and she said that it was "supposed to happen," and wasn't anything to worry about unless it got debilitating. so, i'm still on 60 mg per day. i saw that she wrote on the prescription for 30 mg of sotret, but they gave me claravis. do they
  2. day 63 9 weeks.... wow. skin is consistently good. have a persistent zit above my left eyebrow. other than that, very small spots around my chin and the sides of my face. in personal news, my birthday was yesterday. finally got an ipod (i think i'm pretty much the only person in the world who didn't have one yet... ok, that's an exaggeration. nonetheless...) i broke up with my boyfriend today... i'm generally just feeling really bummed out, and sad that we couldn't make things work. w
  3. day 57 wow, just past the 8 week mark, and almost done with my second month. so far, i'm very pleased with the results. i have very few small, small actives on my face. of course there's the red marks, but as we all know i've just gotta wait a while for those to go away. yesterday was the first day that joint pain really bothered me. i didn't even exercise, yet my ankles were really bothering me, as was my right knee. i also wake up every day with back aches, and my muscles in my legs t
  4. i have noticed that my gums have become a little bit more sensitive, but it's nothing drastic or really painful.
  5. congrats on finishing up your first month! my acne cleared up a lot in my first month, too. also, i just read your post about not washing your hair, and don't worry - i go on 5 or 6 day stints without washing my hair, too. if i were to wash it more, it would get way too dry. pretty dang sweet, if you ask me!
  6. day 53 i got a nosebleed today for the first time while on accutane. i've probably had a total of 5 of them my whole life, so it was kind of strange. also, there was quite a bit of blood. super, eh? my face is pretty smooth. i'm running my fingers over it right now, and the only bumps (tiny ones, at that) i feel are around my chin, temples, and my cheeks. not too shabby. my nasty tane lips are almost starting to look normal. i've been taking good care of them i get very angry when p
  7. day 49 7 weeks! oh snap son! time sure flies. yvette: thanks so much for the advice. after i read your response i promptly shoved some aquaphor up my schnoz. it felt much better afterwards. lovely! sorry i've taken so long for the update (because i know i have SUCH a following... cough). my skin this past week has been... eh. the hotness has made it oilier than i thought it would get, and i went to the beach again this weekend and consequentially have a mini breakout from the sunscre
  8. day 45 for some reason the dryness has really hit me today. my throat is very dry and irritated, and my nose is all dried up on the inside (yet for some reason my lips are the best they've looked in a while... wtf!). i don't know what to do. is it ok to just stick some aquaphor up my nostrils? anybody have any solutions? skin is good... very smooth, a little dry, a few tiny actives on my face and chest, but overall i'm feeling pretty good about it right now happy fourth, everybody! don
  9. day 43 ugh. skin is yuck. it's not even that zitty, but it's very irritated. i went to the beach this weekend, and of course i put on sunscreen, but the sunscreen irritated my face a lot and made it red. i did take a 10 minute walk sans sunscreen, and i got a burn on my shoulders. only TEN minutes! jeeez. the skin on my body has been doing some funky things. my arms have a very strange rash on them from my elbow to my hands. i know its from dry skin, but i moisturize it and it burns (p
  10. day 39 unnamed - yeah, sorry about that. i'm notorious for being defensive. skin is good... definitely a little pimply still, especially right by my temples... weird. there's one especially painful one, but other than that, just baby, below the surface bumps. i don't usually look at my chest to see how it's progressing, but it looks pretty good! still about 10 active pimples on it, but it looks so much better. the cyst on my back popped. mmmm. delish. now that my skin won't be too bu
  11. unnamed, i see where you're coming from, but let me explain: i don't have cystic acne, and people with it are who accutane is mostly for. however, if you have mild to moderate acne (my derm claimed that i fluctuated between the two; i wouldn't say my acne is "really mild") that doesn't respond to other treatments, more than likely your derm will recommend accutane. and that's what mine did. i know that severe acne is much more debilitating to one's self-esteem and happiness than less severe
  12. i only have mild/moderate acne, and i never had an IB, but i still understand where you're coming from. you're not alone! hopefully when you do clear up (and it will happen soon enough), you'll be able to see that you're a beautiful person outside and in
  13. what a cute picture!! it looks like you've made a lot of progress already. congrats!
  14. day 36 it's been 5 weeks! wow! skin is doing good. still in a mini breakout mode, though. and i have THREE cysts on my back. EW. i guess it took this long for a little IB on my back. the gunky pores i've been talking about in my nose/forehead appear to be gone... i'm sure i still have more blackheads that are ready to come out, but damn, they look A LOT better! i've been starting to wear shirts that actually expose a bit of my chest. i don't mean i'm flashing my cleavage (as if i have