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  1. Amazing, when used with caution

    I have been using this product alongside the acne.org regime and I am SO BEYOND THANKFUL for the results so far! No only had my severe cystic disappeared, but my awful hyperpigmentation is slowly starting to fade!  So I have been using the regime for two solid months, and the AHA for a solid month from today! My face went from a textured, red, lumpy mess to being soft to the touch with only a few under the skin non-infected cystic bumps that should eventually fade away by themselves. These
  2. Start of week 8! I can’t believe it’s been 2 months.. it seems surreal! I have just one large pustule growing on my jawline on the right side of my face, but I have a feeling it’s a sebaceous cyst surfacing and draining as the cyst that was there is getting smaller everyday! Other than that, I have two small whiteheads growing just around my bottom lip.. but I can’t remember the last time I JUST had a Whitehead. I even just had my period and nothing drastic happened. That has NEVER h
  3. Start of week 7 from today.. and wow.. I’m really starting to feel like myself again! Anyone with, or who has suffered from, cystic acne might relate to, is that it feels and looks like it has deformed your face. You feel like there is always something foreign on you, making you less of who you really are. From today, I only have two pustules on my face, and even they are dying after just 4 days! I actually had five pustules come up all at once. Since my body is still adjusting to th
  4. Yesterday marked the start of my sixth week on the regimen.. and things have changed. Both for the better and for the worse. I’m not sure if it’s because I incorporated the AHA+ glycolic acid once a day mixed in with my moisterizer, but my left cheek has broken out. Not as awful as before, but those annoying tender papules and one VERY tender under the skin mountain cysts. It’s a lot smaller than what my cysts have been like in the past, but still very annoying! This is the halfway mark, s
  5. Today marks the start of my fifth week, and just the other day I cried because of how much BETTER my skin looks. Especially on my right side, which is where the drama began. A few pustules cropped up to the right of my nose on top of my cheek, but they have just come to a head this morning and without much pressure popped! I’m hoping that they heal soon. The same is to be said for my left side. The cysts have all but either come to a head and/or have dramatically decreased in inflammation
  6. Okay, today is the finish of week 3, tomorrow I will be on week 4, so in total I am on day 20. And what a roller coaster! I am happy to announce that the cysts on my right cheek have GONE! They all came to a head together and a couple of days in, were completely flat! Since, I have not had any breakouts around that area! However, I did notice a potential blind pimple.. but it doesn’t hurt, it’s just a bump. My left cheek however.. exploded with cystic acne. I have this one literal so
  7. For sure!! I used this regimen before and it took like 3/4 months of patience for it to really work, but it did! I remember I got red and flakey VERY quickly and it lasted for about a month. I was once tomato red, and then layered the moisterizer on top and it dyed it kind of yellow. i’m So white and pale so it was such a look but this time.. yeah, literally nothing?! I get stinging sensations after I apply my moisterizer (Cerave am as my acne.org moisturizer is still being mailed!) but tha
  8. I have a question too! My acne.org moisturizer is in the mail, but until then i’m Using the Cerave am oil free moisterizer.. I am just into week 2, so using a pea sized amount twice a day. I have noticed an awful tingling (almost burning) sensation.. is that the BP, or is it reacting badly to the moisturizer ??
  9. Same happens to me! Maybe you could apply the BP on your face, leaving the space around your cheeks last, and rub the remainder in with your eyes closed if you’re concerned?
  10. Hi! Thank you for your reply! How long did yours take to start getting irritated?
  11. Hi! i used the acne.org regimen for about two years up until 3 months ago. Now my acne has returned with vengeance (because of an insane dermatologist I went to, and I guess because I stopped using the products made it worse). Anyway, i’ve Been re-using the regimen for 8 days now, and have just started using a generous pea-sized amount twice a day as of last night. I expected to see some irritation and flakiness by now.. but nothing! Is this normal?
  12. Officially started week 2! Day 8 i started to use a generous pea sized amount which covers the the top part of my finger twice a day as of yesterday.. I don’t know whether it’s because I used BP for two years up until three months ago, but I am yet to get any redness, irritation, or peeling.. I will probably eat my words in a couple of days! The giant cyst on the left side of my chin has FINALLY stopped draining! It’s just red blister, and the pustules surrounding it seemed to have
  13. I know this is late but your skin looks so glowing and amazing!! I really hope that you stocked through with it! Can I ask how it is going ??
  14. So, i’m a second time offender of the acne.org regimen after quitting it about 3 months ago, and being referred to an insane dermatologist. If anyone asks, I might go into detail, but essentially I am now left with horrendous, blistering acne along my lower jaw, chin, and cheeks. I KNOW this stuff works. I KNOW it takes a while, but I am confident that the regimen can help me once again! I am currently on day 5. My current skin situation is as follows: On the left side of my chi