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  1. You should get cortisone shots to help lower them. I have had them on my back and chest for a long time now and can tell you that they get better with time. Honestly, its really a mental thing because if you make them a big deal to other people then they will think it is. But if you don't, then shit will just slide.
  2. I have these small tiny bumps that I can feel on my back that won't seem to go away. I don't think its pimples because they aren't red. They feel more like the clogged pores i have on my nose but instead they are on my back. When I pick at it i get a hard-ish white thing. Kind of like sebaceous filament for my back. How do I get rid of this or is it going to be there forever?
  3. Any updates on how this is doing? I am considering purchasing for my hypertrophic scars.
  4. The Op said that this was being performed in Taiwan. I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the doctor in Taiwan or where it is being performed?
  5. First off I have had hypertrophic scars on my chest and on my shoulder blades. They are a tanish/brown color now. They don't really bother me except for their appearance. I have been looking at this company for a long time and was wondering if anyone had any clues to them? I think if I had a scar excision then put this Acell sheet/powder on the wounds it would heal back to normal skin with no scarring effect. At least that is what the company claims. http://www.acell.com/index.php Part of th
  6. definitely hypertrophic i have them too.
  7. I'd suggest steroid shots on your hypertrophic scars because it essentially breaks up the collagen inside the scar. I know you hate needles but you're just going to have to suck it up if you want to get any sort of improvement. You can't bitch if your not willing to succumb your fears.
  8. Alright thanks a lot. Yeah i have stopped using the mama lotion on them.
  9. So I have some hypertrophic scars on my chest and I have been putting MaMa lotion on them to see if they will make the redness go away. But it seems to have made them swell up and itchy. Like they are a live again. So I am wondering, should I continue using the lotion or if I should stop. I'm not sure if the swelling up of the scars is a sign of the lotion doing its work or hurting the scars.
  10. Just as the title says I was wondering if anyone knows of a good Smoothingbeam or V-beam clinic for some hypertropic scars i have on my chest. They are each about 1cm in diameter and a little raised. I have done the injections but my dermatologist says if I do anymore they will indent and that would be worse. I live in Lawrence,KS and I would like to know if anyone knows of a clinic around my area. I am willing to drive an hour or so too. Thanks, Akura