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  1. for the remaining time before I can go to the store and look for those ointments or such, do you think pure aloe vera will help at this moment? Just massaging it on the wound, the wound is just very dark at this point, it doesn't sting and I feel like it HSS healed already but left this dark mark which is making me feel so uncomfortable with it.
  2. I had something similar they looked like that before i got these large marks due to benzoyl peroxide DO NOT USE ON THOSE MARKS, what I did to get rid of them was massage the area with aloe vera, I did this for a week or two and they began to dry up, I exfoliated my skin and they were completely gone afterwards.
  3. in Australia, we dont have any triple antibiotic cream or such which sucks because I keep hearing about neosporin being great for this type of issue, but we do have hydroquinone if that'll help? Ive also been using BP for a good two years now, it helps fade most of my scars within a month but this is probably something different, but thank you for the reply, I've been so concerned.
  4. I had a very small pimple on my nose, and I constantly kept touching it and touching it. It became painful that my nose was swollen and I then played with It again, causing it to scab. When the scab came off, it left pink skin, then started to turn into a dark mark. I don't know what to do, I tried Benzoyl peroxide but still nothing.