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  1. Has any of you asians had success with Lactic acid peels? Would you recommend them?
  2. Hmmm I have that too it's not too harsh for me although I don't know because I've only used it once so far the Puredemin latic acid peel. I didn't know about the gycolic acid thing because my doctor used to give me a gycolic acid wash it was about 10% about and my skin was fine. I've however used a 10% gycolic peel from time to time not much difference. Although the asian skin and redmarks depends on the severity of your acne. My cousin who is also asian fully, has no remarks from acne. And it's
  3. So, I hear glycolic acid isn't the best for Asian/darker skins and Lactic acid is more preferable. I'm planning to go a lactic acid peel and I want to know what % should i start out with. Puredeming only has a LA peel thats 40%; Is that to harsh(Plus i don't trust ordering from ebay AND its only 10 DOLLARS!)? I've been on 10% GA for like 1 1/2 months now.
  4. the reason why you probly arent getting quick results is because you dont use a sunscreen...because the sun can damage your red marks even more. Even if my face is out in the sun for like 10 minutes for the entire day? And i've been using it for a month. And does anyone know the exact % of glycolic in AG?
  5. Hey Wynne, where can you find the Avon pads in store? If not where do you recommend to buy from? And does the neutrogena pore refining toner help with red marks/complexion?
  6. So i've been using this product for a month or so and i have seen some improvement my face is less bumpy and the red marks have faded a little but are still there. H/O im too lazy to put on sunscreen, i rarely stay out in the sun for a long time maybe 10minutes a day tops. I'm wonder is sunscreen ABSOLUTELY crucial for aqua glycolic? It seems AG peaked and i need something stronger. And can anyone give tell me for sure how much glycolic is in AG cleanser?
  7. Can you use aqua glycolic cleanser with aloe? and how would use bp glycolic and aloe? im thinking Morn aqua glycolic BP Night aqua glycolic aloe vera btw im using Lily of the Desert 99% Organic aloe vera
  8. Hey how do you apply it on? My face is usually oily so should i cleanse and then use Aqua or just use Aqua? ALso i got 1 inflamed around my chin you think it would be ok to use it?
  9. I never really noticed a difference when using a different water temps but i tend to use warm water to open pores up, wash put tropicals, and then use cold water to close it back up.
  10. Where di you find it at walgreens? I searched the site and i couldn't find it....maybe they have it in store?
  11. well you see the thing is I don't have much active acne anymore, maybe a pimple a week or so I'm just trying to get rid of the red marks...I hear the Aqua Glycolic is good at removing red marks so im interested in using that. You think I can use Aqua in the morning, moisturize while using Differin every other day at night? Thanks for your help Wynne
  12. and :think: I've been on differin (a retiniod) about 3 weeks, using it just about every other day or every 2 days and everything above is contradicting...Can i use a glycolic/latic acid? If not do you think i could use something like 10% gly/lactic acid moisturizer like Lac-5 or a cleaner such as Aqua Glycolic everyday?
  13. well normally you wet your face and hands, add some cleaner to your hands and then rub it on your face...or at least thats how i do it.
  14. Yes, I usually go really close to the mirror to check out my face everyday and noticed my natural skin color in places that were red the last day, I've been taking pictures also and have seen "some" results. Again, its only been a less than a week, so I'll know more after a month. Yup, twice a day. It replaced my prior cleanser. Only thing odd about it is that you have to apply it to dry skin and rub it in, then wet your skin and rub again. It was odd at first, but it works very well.
  15. Interesting...Mr. Red has Aqua actually healed any of your redmarks not just making you stop breaking out and reducing redness?
  16. hmm my skin feels smoother but I seem to be getting a rash/itchness. Should i continue?
  17. Im using Natures Made Double strength brand. It has 602mg of Omega 3. I guess the smell isnt all that bad, but i have seen Nature Made come out with a "No burp fish oil supplement" so im guessing my fish oil isnt spoiled. Oh yea how long did it take for you to see oil diminishing? And is there an initial breakout? After a day of 1.2g O3 i got 2 new pimples
  18. Thanks alot for the help romeo but i have couple more question for you. Did you have oily skin and after say......a couple months how much oil production was there? And what made you start on the fish oil? Im kinda curious. Also, is there anyway to control the burping? the smell is horrendous... Ive tried eating gum...still doesn't stop the smell...Maybe i should eat the fish oils before a meal NOT after? Again, Thanks
  19. Yeah, but it's not that simple. I'll explain. You eventually want to be 1:1 or a little over. But to get there, just by taking in 1:1 in your diet will NOT equate to 1:1 in your body. It may take wayyyy longer to get to 1:1 by eating 1:1. It's necessary to over compensate for a few months to get to that level in your body, then drop down to 1:1 in your diet. =) But a good general amount, I've always read about 1 to 2 grams of omega 3 for general health :) How how much do you recommend
  20. Alright just a few questions... for BEST results you want to maintain a 1:1 O3:O6 right? and calculate O3 in fish oil, you add up the 2 numbers on the back of the Fish Oil bottle? On the first page romeo said that 3-4 grams is needed of O3 in order to work. However I read somewhere that you only need 1-1.8 grams of O3. Which is correct or does it depend on your O3:O6 diet? Considering we all eat different foods everyday and the intake of Omega varies, what would be a good amount of O3/Fish Oil
  21. no, water's ph is neutral so you should be fine...the hard part is to get the water evenly spread out in the bottle