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  1. If anyone can recommend a good product with kojic acid in it, I would greatly appreciate it!
  2. Good luck! Please let us know how it goes Kinimi how did you find out about this product/ do you know if it works for stubborn hyperpigmentation? Wondering if anyone know of more products/regimen that combats melanin. I've had the same marks for about 2-3 years and tried almost everything (Retin-a, SA, AHA)
  3. Daniel, if you can comment back on my post and Kuros, We greatly appreciate it
  4. Daniel, I must say congratulations on finding something that worked for you. I tried Differn and stopped halfway ( I don't remember why) also tried Retin-A and most recently Tazorac (for about 1.5 years). Unfortunately I didn't see the results I wanted to see and now im stuck with active acne and PIH. I too am of Asian decent and I think I know the answer to this question but ill ask just to confirm. Every time you had a pimple did it leave a hyperpigmated mark? And all you have been using is D
  5. There is some validity, according to http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegeta...products/2667/2 Sweet potato has a very high dose of Vit-A and it has has a strong anti-inflammatory factor.
  6. Shouldn't be a problem. Personally, I wouldn't use bp because it slows down the healing process, but I do use bp when im feeling a breakout. Just dont use bp and ziana at the same time, bp deteriorates retinoids.
  7. hmm can you tell us what products herbs they use? My parents too have forced me into drinking random chinese herbal things and it doesnt work much.
  8. i found that minocycline worked for me, i work out alot and sweat alot, but as soon as im off mino, it comes back. Mine looks similar to yours except maybe not as big in size but defininitely plentiful. Just curious, are you drinking whey protein?
  9. how long have you been on tazorac? You should be careful because taz can really tear your skin apart... I forgot to put lotion on one day before taz and I got burn/flaky skin the next day. If you want to try some mandelic acid try doing the mandelic in the morning and the Taz at night. I try to do AHA in the morning and Taz at night whenever my skin can handle it. Just give the taz some time, the blackheads will come out eventually (and all at once) if you use taz regularly
  10. On week 3, things dont feel like they are improving. Been getting whiteheads/blackheads and everytime it leaves a new mark on my face. man, its really a downer to see another mark on my face. I do notice that the new whiteheads/blackheads i get usually leave minor marks compared to what i normally used to so thats a plus! Also i forgot to put moisturizer before applying Taz a couple days ago and I woke up to my face peeling like crazy. Make sure you guys are moisturizing beforehand! Im also beg
  11. Thanks a lot Calumni. Also at what week did you start to see improvement?
  12. Hey guys, I too have been battling acne for about 3 years now. I've started out on retin A and differin, but i always stopped when the breakout came along. My skin has gotten pretty bad that I have no choice but to use retinoids. I've been on Retin-A .04 for about 10 weeks and all i got from the IB was just many more brown/red marks. Believe me the IB is bad, even the slightest pimple gave me a nasty mark. While on Retin-A I noticed that some of my scars have shrinked a little, which is an impr
  13. what brand of mandelic acid did you get and where did you get it?
  14. hmm on the website it says you can find it at Rite Aid and CVS. Anyone find it there? Also can someone answer my previous question? is it ok to use with AHA?
  15. is this safe to use with a thin layer of skin? I've been using AHA for a long time so my skin is kinda thin...Also does this work for hyperpigmentation/brown marks? THanks
  16. As far as I can tell, PF gets immune to practically everything at some point! I think switching products around really helps me. I stopped ZNP for awhile, and now I am alternating between mandelic and Nizoral shampoo. If the PF doesn't stay under control, I will probably add the ZNP back in for awhile. How are you doing, BTW?? Any health updates? How often do you switch products? every month maybe? and... willow, where are getting your Mandelic Acid? Also what brand are you using? I can't
  17. Hey willow, where are getting your Mandelic Acid? Also what brand are you using? I can't find any mandelic serums on amazon :\
  18. Not normal, I think you left the peel on for too long or you started out with too strong of a peel. can someone please please answer me? At what point is it okay to use other exfoliating tropicals such as AHA, SA, and retoinoids after a series of peels(rest period)? a week? 2 weeks? a month?
  19. At what point is it okay to use other exfoliating tropicals such as AHA, SA, and retoinoids after a series of peels(rest period)? a week? 2 weeks?
  20. Don't give up on the peels having an effect on your hyperpigmentation. Marks won't necessarily go away right after the peels. The peels just help speed the fading process a little. Finacea should help - it may take a couple of months using it for you to start to notice a difference though. It should be ok to use with an AHA lotion - just use the two products at different times of the day. Are you using any other treatment products at the moment? Remarks really just take time to go away, n
  21. I just recently finished a series of peels and with no luck my red marks/hyperpigmentation marks are still here (my last peel was 2 weeks ago). Is it safe to use Finacea? Will Finacea help with hyper pigmentation? Also is it safe to use it with AHA lotion?
  22. So i've been using Aqua Glycolic for about 2-3 months and I just stopped about 2 weeks ago. AG wasn't really doing anything for my red marks but is an awesome cleanser. I just got Lactic Acid 40% from puredeming and I was wondering if it's safe to use the peel after 2 months of glycolic acid. Should i wait another 2 weeks (for a total of 1 month rest) for my skin to readjust or is it safe to use the peel?
  23. I know on the front page it says that aloe vera is good for moisturizing but it kinda stings....should i use it after lactic peel?
  24. Is this because it would counter-act the sun protection or because it would be overloading your skin? Thanks so much for your response. The DKR system is the closest thing I've come to a miracle with my 14 year battle with acne.