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  1. anyways, wouldnt it be better to use HP every once in a while? using it once every 2 days or something like that. i wouldnt know if it regular use is good or bad, but wouldnt taking a break from it and giving your skin some time to work on its own be safer? im going to try this out to see if it would work, but everyone who's tried it has something good to say about it.
  2. i have these small bumps under my eyes and on some on my forhead. ive been on dans regimen and everythings gone except these stupid bumps. do you think it could be the fungus you were talking about?
  3. i actually use make-up. my acne is gone except for some minor red spots but i use it to cover it up. actors where it and tv show hosts do also, so no biggie.
  4. I have a question just to ease my mind. I started using this and a few red spots showed up.is that just my skin detoxifying? its not like serious
  5. Ive been on Dans regimen for about 3 months and my acne is clearing but i still have ALOT of red marks left behind. I went to see a doctor about it and he said it was irritation under the skin. I was wondering is the BP is making it stay around and if i should use less.
  6. My acne is clearing up but ive been getting dandruff and ive been scratching my head. a couple of days after im starting to get new bumps on my forehead. is this the cause?
  7. I have a couple of red marks left behind just want to know if vitamin E helps heal it. also what could i use to help them fade a little quicker (besides other products)
  8. that was my bad. i meant to say hw long before seeing results. i know you cant cure acne
  9. YoungJaeRome

    Jose's Program

    Gonna try the regimen
  10. I just want to know how long it takes to clear up acne from a persons system. ive been using the regimen on here, but i dont know how long it will take
  11. I have acne and my cheeks get red. its like i ran my face under hot water ( i didnt by the way). I was wondering if theirs anything i can do to relieve the redness?
  12. Im 18 right now. ill be 19 in november
  13. Ive been suffering from acne for about 5 years now but now its gotten pretty bad. about a month ago it was just a few bumps but idk what i did now my entire face is full of bumps. idk what to do about it. i tried this regimen on here yeserday but the thing is idk if its true that it gets worse before it gets better.