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  1. Did your inflammation ever go away? I have this exact thing right now and I can't seem to shift this...
  2. Hi, sorry to hear about your situation! If I were you I would definitely change derm and ask for a stronger dose or to be on it for a longer period than 4 months. I find it really strange that your derm told you to take it for 2 weeks in 2015 to see how you respond. I'd definitely go get yourself a new derm though!
  3. Hi, I had a smallish pustule on my chin last week, I stupidly popped it too early and it swelled to a phenomenal size. It scabbed over, the inflammation went down gradually, and I left the scab to fall off by itself to reveal a head underneath. I went and popped it easily yet it swelled again, and two days later it is still the same size and is even more red - inflammation from popping a pimple too early has never lasted this long in the past for me, so I am really panicking that this will go
  4. Hello, In the past few months my cystic acne has cleared up thanks to Gedarel 20, however I have started to develop occasional (light red?) whiteheads on my cheekbones and blackheads on my forehead (which I have never ever gotten before). I have attributed them to moisturiser (Garnier Shine Be Gone Matte) I started to use in mid-December because as soon as I eliminated it from my routine they disappeared again. In the past, during winter months for flaky skin due to the cold, I have used moist
  5. I'm thinking that as I've recently introduced the Salicylic wash that it is that product purging my skin?? The time frame makes perfect sense! I definitely think it's purging as it's in all my problematic areas! I hate how it's making me feel and want to stop using it after this realisation!
  6. Hey all, I am new here because I am so lost as to what to do now with my skin... I have had "pimples" and EXTREMELY oily skin since I was 11 (it was never acne, just the one/two papules every time I woke up). I tried everything over-the-counter and everything the doctor would give me: nothing! However, it only got bad about 10/11 months ago where it became full-blown cystic (I am now 22). I went back to the doctor and he gave me Epiduo which was terrible and didn't help. He also said this was