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  1. Since I was in sixth grade (5 years ago) - I've been battling acne. For the first three years it was severe acne, the past two have been moderate acne, and recently (within the last six months) it's been very moderate. I've read up a lot about the regimen on the site and am planning to buy the acne.org products as well. I'm really just curious on the Murad system. http://www.murad.com/itm14048sect10020site10020.jsp?a=b The entire system uses no benzoyl peroxide...claiming that it irritates t
  2. You know, so many people say "nothing works, nothing works, nothing works" - maybe that's becuase nothing is supposed to? When you try a new regimen, you have to wait...what...4-5 weeks before actual patterns start to work? So why not give this a try for that amount of time. I'm guilty of doing what many of you do, slack off because you don't feel like going to wash your face...you say something like "ah, I'll dab a TON of BP on it later, that'll stop any zits from popping up" but face it, it do
  3. I use a soft toothbrush, it works fine. I actually prefer it because I can target area's I know to be flaky without irritating other sections of my face like I would be doing with a larger brush. :)
  4. Well, a couple nights ago I read this thread, and decided to go out and try it. Only I couldn't find a baby brush (partially becuase I'm lazy). So I bought a soft toothbrush and I have to say - I think it works virtually the same. I let the bristles get steamed and stream the hot water over it and then do the general brush around my face and it works amazingly. I've never had such soft skin. I recommend it
  5. Whenever you make a toner, make sure you've got a good balance of (natural a lot of the time), or soothing ingredients. You don't want harsh or irritating chemicals - that'll only make your face red for awhile making it look like it's working. In reality, you want to include medicine to get rid of the acne - but at the same time, you need soothing botanicals to help ease the amount of irritation that will ultimately happen. You need to have a forward effect for the acne, but a reverse effect for
  6. I turned 16 today too! =]

  7. Dear you shouldn't be on accutane for mild acne. And you should only accept topical ointments from your dermatologist. Thats why he's called a dermatologist - he's studied skin. Not saying to distrust your doctor, but only take advice on skin - from your dermy imo.
  8. Well, I use Cetaphil moisturizer and while it works REALLY good, it leaves me feeling greasy. Is there any type of product that just in general will control oil and are there any moisturizers you know of to help with this greasy problem?
  9. Clearasil Ultra Acne Gel Wash - I've been using it for a week and it's amazing. It's cleanses but dosen't leave you dry or flaky and it also cools your face a bit. Plus, it's got a good lather. I'd deff recomend it.
  10. I take two of these pills a day, one in the morning and one at night. Where this keeps my MAJOR breakouts under control, the regimen keeps the smaller breakouts under control, so I"m virtually acne free! Just make sure you drink TONS of water with this for the best effect
  11. This sounds amazing! I've been looking for a good moisturizer to use that dosen't leave me feeling greasy afterwards! Hopefully this will do the trick!