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    Painting Drawing<br />Art/Game Design<br />and all sorts of other stuff.<br /><br /><br />Personal Regimen:<br />Acne Prevension- <br />BP Applied liberally day and night. <br />Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) 5-10 caps a day<br />Make sure not to pick anything. <br />Very controlled diet.<br /> <br />Red Marks- <br />Salycilic Acid 20% Peel (provided at www.skinlaboratory.com)<br />Vitamin C with rose hips. 500 mg a day<br />Vitamin E 400 I.U. <br /><br />Misc- <br />Accutane for 6 months in 2005-6. <br />Results: Cleared up back acne completely, face under control. <br /><br />Skin Type: Extremely Pale white. <br /><br />PreCondition:<br />Severe back acne. Moderate Face Acne. Minor Chest Acne- for 8 years since 12 years old. <br /><br />Contemporary Condition: <br />Acne 99% cleared. <br />Occasional Zit rarely.<br />Red Marks on Chest fading, but not as fast as I'd like :P<br />Minor Red Marks on face fading.<br />Negligible Scarring

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  1. Been awhile since I posted, but I wanted to report back since last time. First of all, been on two courses of accutane and they never got rid of my acne. I now suffer from constant, ridiculously bizarre tinnitus (screeching sounds in my head). I get heart palpitations all the time, I suddenly go faint every once in awhile. I suffer from vibrations when I try to sleep, and sometimes in the day, especially after certain foods and or drinking alcohol. My vision is totally fucked up, I co
  2. Beer has gluten in it which can cause acne for sure. Wine I'm not really sure. alcohol itself shouldn't cause acne, but it might effect your system in such a way as to slow down healing or anti inflammatory processes which keep your skin in check.
  3. I use a beard trimmer, and keep a perpetual stubble face (which, ladies aren't always into, but you aren't talking to anyone with a face full of zits; the trade off) When I used to shave with cream and gels and what not, I would usually get a breakout from the cleaning agents in the creams... would de acidify my face, and let bacteria get in. Letting your beard get too long I do notice a few more zits, and usually more painful ones.
  4. There are dentists who specialize in removing amalgam fillings; it can be done safely. Look into it.. that filling is constantly into your system.
  5. you're starving, because your body doesn't have any energy. You need calories, and you can't get it from carbs, so you need to move to fats, which pack a punch. You need to up to fat intake a lot while on a candida diet. Start liberally eating avacados, walnuts/almonds, yogurt, coconut products... etc. Up your intake of vegetables like broccoli which will make you feel full. I personally just dump a ton of broccoli into whatever I'm cooking every time, and usually a full avacado on the sid
  6. Yes. The stuff works at killing candida, and you'll probably get worse acne from die off effects, but keeping it up for a couple months, you'll start to notice you break out less and less, and less severely. Remember though, if you suspect a candida problem, you need to look into mercury toxicity and get tested for it. If you have high levels of mercury you will not get rid of candida. I personally had extremely high levels of mercury, and since chelating (removing the mercury) and g
  7. Actually you can find hundreds in forums around the web, including this one. You might have a point but when you make silly statements like that people will throw your whole post out the window. If it helps, it's worth talking about. Nonsense. Show me the post where someone proved that not masturbating cured their acne. Show me the correlation, and data that showed that as soon as they stopped, so did their acne. And that after they were cured, when they did masturbate that they had a
  8. If you have a nutritional deficiency from masturbation, you have a nutritional problem period. Anybody who believes masturbation is itself a cause of acne is severely deluding themselves. If it were so everyone in the world would be breaking out left and right, and it would be chronicled throughout history that acne is the result of sex/masturbation. Only Christian fundamentalists have ever thought this, and they proceed on the basis of stigmatizing a practice they perceive as deviant (it i
  9. Could be due to something pretty bad like your lymphatic system being plugged up on one side of your head, or something simple like sitting on your hand a lot. Check to see if your lymph nodes are swollen... your doctor is useless btw if they couldn't offer you any advice.
  10. Check what you're wearing. I used to get things like this from wearing silky, shiny, nylony whatever, wherever. Just stick with cotton and see what happens.
  11. The thing with going on a diet as well is that while food itself might cause acne, it might not be a direct causality. For me, candida die off causes a ton of acne. If I eat wheat and yeast, I break out a little bit... when I consistently eat it, I tend to continue breaking out a little bit. When I stop eating wheat, and yeast, and dairy... I break out massively! It seems counter productive when you don't understand what processes are taking place. As for accutane being the 'cure', l
  12. I see an integrated medicine doctor, and I asked about the symptom. She explained it as a symptom of antioxidant depletion. Same result for me. Disappeared as soon as I upped my dose of vitamin c. Why it happens, not exactly sure. I'll ask her next time I see her.
  13. Yogurt is not good for your Candida cleanse. Any probiotics will do. If you have a reaction to them, skin rashes, more acne etc, look for probiotics without L. Acidophilus which is said to cause reactions with some people.
  14. Probably yes. The problem with scarring is the gap in tissue when the damage occurs. Replace said tissue like stucco on a wall, with stem cells, and you should get new healthy skin. You might also get tumors too though. That's a big hurdle for stem cells right now.
  15. It heals like any other bacterial invasion. White blood cells to fight the intruder, inflammation to get blood in the area, dead skin peels away and is replaced by healthy tissue. Scarring if the damaged tissue is severe. The mystery of acne is its causes, not the results.