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  1. Hi yall, havent posted on here in a looong time, face looks pretty good compared to 1.5 to 2 years ago. anyways, I wanted to get some replies as to an issue i have with what i guess is called an enlarged pore. Its one of the pores on my brow line, literally between my eyes. What has happened, I suspect, is years of squeezing sebum out of this region has caused the pore to enlarge drastically, and now its kind of on a regular cycle of filling up, looking a bit red, and i gently apply pressur
  2. http://www.amazon.com/Pure-Emu-Oil-fl-oz/d...2585&sr=8-1 WORD
  3. FYI rub emu oil on yellow stain for 30 seconds, it will be 100% off
  4. I bought some tumeric capsules from GNC... Kind of hesitant to start taking them though. Apparently they can cause ulcers / hairloss if used for too long (Not sure what constitutes 'too long'). Should I give it a go?
  5. I think it did the same to me. I dont think I'm going to screw with that anymore seems like to much room for trouble
  6. Whats up all Been reading that Lavender oil is good at reducing redmarks, scars, and possibly even breakouts... supposedly it has all kinds of anti-bacterial antifungal anti inflammatory YADA YADA effects. - Do you put it directly on your face? ---- some seem to say yes ---- some say only on active pimples ---- many say dillute it I'm clueless on this so someone please set me straight. I mean its less than $10 for 100% natural stuff so its worth figu
  7. If you think your skin will handle it, maybe wash your face a couple times a weeks with a AHA/BHA cleanser.. Thats what I'm going to do once my oil returns
  8. I too would like to know others experience with this.. I think i'll keep using cetaphil for 2-4 weeks after my course ends, then reevaluate
  9. Yea same here i have bout 20 more days left on my 80mg/day for 6 months course. Really pleased with the results, did the job well. Needless to say i got mega redness and some minor scarring though.. I read that you want to buy the type of emu oil that says PURE, not 'refined' I'm down to rub animal by-product on my face! Yea!!
  10. alright screw it im just gonna bite the bullet and go buy some. I'll let you taners know how it goes
  11. the only connection between accutane and alcohol is that they're both metabolized therough the liver... your face will clear and get worse quite frequently, it fluctuates throughout the course. I'm a pretty heavy drinker and had no problems while on accutane or with my monthly blood tests.. they all came back perfect every time. Oh and accutane cleared me 90-95%
  12. I'm finishing my accutane course in about 30 days, and was wondering if I should jump on the jojoba oil train that everyone raves about.. Right now I use the avveno daily calming moisturizer spf 15. Its good and I dont really have any complaints about it, but am tempted to try the jojoba stuff Seeing how jojoba tricks your sebum glands into thinking theirs enough oil already, would this be counter effective to a dry accutane face?
  13. You were probably going to go bald anyways, the accutane just speed it up.. how old are you?
  14. I suggest you get really good at manually clearing out a tube of gunk out of your pore.. Accutane will clear it, but it takes a long time. My cystic acne left after month 1, but my pores purged the entire course so it takes a long ass time but yes it will/.
  15. http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art...rticlekey=80456 ANyone heard of this? obviously the light treatment is old news but actually sucking the shit right out of your face? Now thats how you get somehting done!