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  1. for some reason i started breaking out on my neck ??? i never broke out on my neck before i started this regimen. should i stop the regimen?? i'm on week 3 and my face is also breaking out a lot . i don't know what to do anymore
  2. oh my god thank you so so much !! this helped a lot thank you
  3. Hi everyone, i've been on acne.org regimen for almost 3 weeks now (day 4) and i broke out on my forehead a LOT last week and now i'm breaking out everywhere, even on the areas i'd never get a pimple. i'm so unmotivated, sad and depressed. Acne really ruined my confidence. When will acne.org regimen start working positively? I know it's only week 3 but yeah....When did it start clearing you up? Thank you in advance.
  4. hi, so i'm on my week 3 now (day 4) and i've been breaking out on my right cheekbone, nose and eyebrows.... i started breaking out in those areas when i started the regimen. is it okay? will they go away? when do you usually stop getting pimples? i'm so stressed
  5. Hi everyone, so i'm on my week 2 (day 9) and i've been breaking out like CRAZY, seriously i didn't even break out this much before the regimen. I have 6 pimples on my forehead, 2 on my left cheek, 2 on my chin and some on my hairline. Does this mean the pimples from under my skin are coming to the surface or smth lol help. Also my skin is super dry and i was thinking of buying the cerave moisturizer, is it moisturizing enough? really want to use some jojoba oil but scared that it'll break me ou
  6. Hello, so i was wondering if i can use the bp twice a day from day 1? because i think my skin can handle it . (only a pea sized amount though) or is it too dangerous ..??
  7. Hi everyone, i have a question so let's say i do the regimen at 7am, put on my makeup and go to school. i usually come back at 2pm/3pm (depends). And it says that i should wait 10-12 hours between those 2 routines. Do i really have to have my makeup on till 7pm so i'd take it off?? can't i just take it off at 2pm and do the regimen at 7pm? Because i don't really like having makeup on my face for a long time, lol.
  8. Does the acne.org regimen help with comedonal acne? i have many tiny flesh coloured bumps all over my face so i was wondering if it actually works with those as well.
  9. i have lots of skin coloured bumps (comedones) on my face, will acne.org clear those bumps? i'm starting the regimen soon and i really wanna get rid of those.
  10. Hi, does the regimen help with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? Because i'm starting the regimen next week so i was wondering if it could help. I also got the AHA lotion but i'm gonna use it after a month.
  11. Hi everyone so, i would say i have mild to moderate (but more on the moderate side) acne with lots of post acne marks all over my face. I have a few questions & it'd be lovely if someone could answer: 1. Do i need to use bp twice a day? or can i just use it at night only? as i am going to wear makeup i really don't want my skin to look dry and flakey. i know that i should avoid makeup but i really can't leave the house without it (super self-conscious) 2. Another way i could do it to put