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  1. How's it going with the car. I just got back from partying with friends for St. Pattie's. Yes, I forgot to tell you that Autozone will hook up their scan too your diagnostic terminal and check it for codes. You can do this too yourself with and ohmmeter or from the check engine light flashes if you have an OBD I diagnostic sysyem. That just means that the codes are all just numbers. So you can read the pulses on a voltmeter or check engine light flashes to do a spot check on the road when y
  2. That's actually a very well built car. Very reliable and dependable. It may be a grandma car like you said but it is built like a tank and is roomy. It's got some power too I guess. A 3.8 liter V6 is what they have I think. They make a supercharged version too I believe. It's boxy and a big car right? It's supposed to be a very good reliable car. You said it it idles eratically and it stalls right? Well my best guess is that it has a vacuum leak in the fuel injection system, intake ma
  3. Yes, working on cars is what I do in my spare time and as my hobby. Been doing it since I was like 12 or something so I'm pretty efficient when it comes to fixing cars. I just don't have as much time to do it as I used to but I work on my cars most weekends when I'm not at the beach surfing. I have a pretty good garage setup at my house so that's what I like to do to relax. Just work on my cars or my girlfriend's car or friend's car. I have a new computer system setup in my garage for diagn
  4. All I was saying was that humans have been eating meat since the cave man days so we have been conditioned to eat meat. That's all. Also steamed vegetables are good for you. I wasn't saying that it was less barbaric than raw vegetables. Just that steamed vegetables taste much metter and the vitamins are released more than eating them raw so they are better for you healthwise. I was told by a nutritionist that to stay fit and keep weight down eating mostly meat and steamed vegetables is
  5. Nuts and raw vegetables are for squirels and rabbits. Not humans.
  6. Yes, it is very healthy to eat lots of meat to keep your weight down and stay fit and healthy. Lots of meat and steamed vegetables. I love meat. Especially the meat on my girfriend's butt. Let's face it in the cave man days they hunted animals with spears and rocks and shit and ate meat. Animals are to kill and put on the barbecue pit and eat. There's nothing like some good barbecued ribs, nice juicy brisket and steaks, sausage, chicken wings, fajitas, pork ribs, hamburger paties, barbacoa
  7. I'm pretty happy with my ass. I like J Lo's rear end. Whew..........man she has nice curves. There is this plastic surgeon in LA doing people's butt to look like Jennifer Lopez's tushie. They pay about $10,000 to do it too. And eyes like Nicole Kidman and lips like Gina Gershon.
  8. I use Oil Refiner and Matte Scientist by Origins for my oily skin. It lasts all day and it is terrific. Nothing has worked better than that.
  9. Murad was terrible for me. Man, I don't even want think about that time. It was the worse my skin has ever been. The moisturizer is okay though. But the Skin Repairing Lotion made me break out like a motherfu&*er. It was awful. People asked me if their was something wrong with me. Thank god that time is over and my skin is pefectly clear now. I have never tried Proactiv. It is BP based. I read somewhere on epinions.com about people's results with it. Most people seemed to like i
  10. Oh yeah. The question: "Why do some people get acne and some don't?" Because some people are lucky and some just aren't. That's life I guess. Unfortunately I have to work hard to keep my skin looking clear and flawless, but I just have mild acne from time to time, but to me it is a problem I deal with every day and think about a lot. But, then there are other's that just wash their face with water and don't really care much about their face and have perfectly clear skin ever day and never
  11. Well, not everybody in Hollywood is like that. Sure some may eat healthy and have personal trainers, and go to spas, but they suffer from acne too and have weight problems sometimes and suffer from depression and drug or drinking problems just like everybody else. The reason people think they are perfect is because people see them in movies, music videos, magazines, etc. that way. In real life you will be surprised with some celebrities appearances. Not that they are bad looking but they ha
  12. Yep, fabric softner seems to bother my skin like the bounce sheets. It makes a big difference for me. Also make sure that the spa uses proper sterilization and proper methods to avoid contamination or they can really mess up someone's skin by spreading bacteria from one person to another.
  13. Yep, I tried the L' Oreal Pure Zone stuff too once. Total shit in a bottle at about $8 each for the cleanser, toner, moisturizer. A total waste of about $25. Ivory soap and witch hazel is probably better than that worthless crap. The cleanser felt nice though and smelled good. But the toner, moisturizer, and blemish remover were the worst products I've ever used next to Murad. It made my face look awful. Terrible stuff and they even advertise that it's for acne. If you want to really sc
  14. No. The only side effect is maybe a few really bad headaches here and there, but I can't say for sure whether the pills caused it or something else like stress or allergies. Also, I seem to get more hungry too but that comes and goes and I can't be positive it was the pills. I started using it about 2 years ago and then quit and now I'm using it again. I had great success with it so I'm using it again because it works for me. In my case it works great for like 2-3 months straight and my ski