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    Im into lots of stuff, always like keeping occupied as it gets your mind of things. Im into football thats my biggest passion and I like working out and going running. Also love spending time with all my mates and going out socialising and meeting new people.

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  1. how long would you say each stage would last? i see you hide from the sun, is it really bad to be in the sun then? also it says on stage 4 you can be fatigued, i play football so do you think this is going to be a problem? craig
  2. ive been taking accutane for 2 weeks now, and apart from my dry lips nothing seems to have changed, i wondered what sort of time frame you have you wait before you see results. after a number of weeks does it get worse? and then what number of weeks before people have seen an imrpovement? my skin doesnt even feel dry at all even though i was told it dries out a lot. i do have oily skin though, so is that the reason? im taking 40mgs a day and have a 3 months subscription. responses would be
  3. i really cant stand this no more i was really hoping my skin would be bearable when my bday came around so i could do something for once, by bearable i dont mean perfect still would have some spots and scars, i seem to have scars for ages after spots dissapear, but then as usual abotu 1-2 before i flared up big time. and now sitting inside on my bday and have had to lie to my mates as to why i dont wanna do nothing for my bday. just cant handle giong out in public my forehead and cheeks are cov
  4. people are always talking about you should be on a strict diet cutting out certain types of food and im clueless when it comes to food. i dont know what i should be avoiding and what i should be having. i read that people are allergic to some foods, can i get tested to see if im allergic and something might be the cause of my acne?
  5. just wondered if anyone has had a good derm around this area, i live in dartford but have yet to meet a derm i have confidence in. thanks
  6. thanks for the reply, is it worth me using it then because i already have really oily skin which i think is what is causing my acne, because it mainly happens on my forehead and thats where i get the majority of my spots. plus i what is aha and bha? i not heard of them. thanks
  7. i defo think its an irritant, im always gettin stressed out like it stressed me out the ova day and now im suffering on my forehead big time but i usually only get it bad on my foreheads and wondered if theres another reason for that such as being greasy? i get spots on my cheeks but no way nr as bad and i can deal with it but my forehead gets covered. now i know i shouldnt be diong it but i smoke weed every now and then because it chills me out after getting so stressed because of my acne, i f
  8. i got prescribed this by my derm last week and wondered if anyone else has tried this and what it did for them? ive been using it for a week now obviously its to quick to tell but it doesnt seem like its doing anything when i have it on my face tho. any success stories would be appriciated lol
  9. hi, i didnt change my derm by choice tho its just the nhs which really sucks, i read about other people seeing derms and derms go out there way to help like for instance u had a swab test. ive read derms give advice from previous experiences even tho its not "medically proven" that is a word i always seem to hear from my derm. i try and ask about advice or things that have worked for people with similar acne etc. she doesnt say a thing and i leave even more confused before i went in. even if it
  10. i waited months to go see a derm and when i finally got to see one i explained what my acne is like and what effects it is having on me and also explained that i have tried near enough everything apart from roaccutane. but the problem is my skin actually was better than it usually is on the day i went which i explained to her and she jus refused 2 put me on accutane and gave me dalacin lotion which has been diong absoultly nothing! and now a week later my skin has flared up again big time and im
  11. i always get lots of spots on my forehead and it seems to be never ending it always looks bad, even wen some clear up i get loads more, so my forehead is always covered in spots and scars. but the thing is i have acne all round my face but occasionlly my cheeks and chin will clear up but then i will get spots again, but it jus never seems to happen on my forehead im constantly always gettin them on a daily basis. does anyone know why this is, is it something to do with sweating even tho i dont
  12. just wondered if anyone on this forum is from anywhere near dartford in kent. I wondered if anyone can reccomend a good derm becasuse i have been to see a couple and its bad enough you gotta wait like 6 months, but then i always seen to be gettin rushed out the door asap and they havnt helped what so ever. so if any one else can reccomened a different derm that would be good.
  13. i bought a face mask a while ago for acne it was green and made by someone like queen jubliee i want to buy it again but cant remember the name, can anyone tell me?
  14. i have it and usually put it on my face when im at home, but im not convinced its having an affect rather than me not having to see my acne when the creams on my face! does anyone else actually use this product?