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  1. please please can some one help me, i am extremely depressed about my scars. they have affected my life for a few years now. i have alot of flat scars that i cant get rid of, i have started scraping my face with abrasive things to try and get rid of them. i also have wave like scars/identical to wrinkles and i dont know what these are called. can anyone tell me and can anyone tell me if subcision would work on wrinkle scars?
  2. i feel exactly the same as you, my scars appear to be pretty mild but they are not mild because i canot remove them, i have alot of scar tissue the looks like wrinkles, i have flat scars that were caused by peeling of a chemical peel (a big regret) and i have other scars from having microdermbration at a beauty salon (never again!!) its ruining my life aswell and i dont believe talking to a proffessional about it is going to help unless there is a cure. i really hate my face, people say im very
  3. has any1 has n-laser for scars (not acne but actual scarS) and has it improved scars. i have alot of scar tissue that is flat and looks wrinkled, and im wondering if this treatment will improve my scars or will it waist time, i have an appointment with dr chu soon and im worried im going to be dissappointed with what ever he treats me with, but he is my last resort
  4. do not ever get microdermabration, i had a course of treatments at a beauty salon and they have scarred me for life! and ruined my life
  5. i was wondering if anyone knows of any good derms in scotland, apart from sk:n glasgow, they ripped me off and they did nothing for my scars. i have a referral to see dr chu in london but if i could find a good derm in scotland that would be much easier for me. please help.
  6. im interested in using the dermaroller so can any1 tell me where i can buy a good one from?/? at what price? please reply
  7. i have been using diana yvonna lactic acid gel 10% every day for 2 months now and i just started using diana yvonne 40% gel, how often can i use this? every day??
  8. hi thanks for your replys, my skin is very very oily actually, it is not dry at all although i may appear to look dry in the pic, anyway, these are definately scars, i think having my skin stretched would help but does anyone know if dr chu does this kind of treatment?
  9. hi the scars are on my forehead, they dont look like scars they look more like wrinkles but they are actually scars. wrinkle scars! i have seen a derm who has given me some blue peels but i was very stupid and peeled it off before it was ready which is why im left with these scars, i am 26 years old
  10. hi as u can see in the pic i have scars that appear to look like wrinkles/line scars, they are the most stubborn scars in the world!!! i do a 10% lactic acid peel every night but it dosent work, i know its very mild,however, i feel better when i know im doing something, know what i mean?? if you can give me any advice on scar treatments that you think would work i would appreciate it. thanks..........
  11. hi, i have heard about dr chu doing scar treatments. i am thinking about going to see him about my scars. i have alot of scar tissue which looks mild but very stubborn, they are flat wavy lines, and wrinkle type scars (only way i can describe them) and i am hoping for a cure, ive also attached a pic of what they look like. Does anyone have any idea what type of scars these might be and what treatment would cure them? i would love to hear patients stories who have bee treated by dr chu himself.
  12. i have wrinkle type scars on my forehead, when i pull my skin tight they dissappear, and i also have flat scarring underneath my skin that looks horrible, they only go away when i apply foundation, but i am wondering if any1 has the same problem as me and if there is a cure?i have tried loads of things to get rid of them, tca peels dont work, im doing a daily lactic acid peel but i seem to be stuck in a rut. is there hope for me, this is making me depressed and ive heard that dr chu is good, do