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  1. For about 2 years now. And i use one index finger worth
  2. so i've recently started incorporating jojoba oil into my moisturizer, but i've been breaking out horribly. i use only 1-2 drops with my moisturizer too. could it be the jojoba oil breaking me out or... ?
  3. I've used green cream 6 and 9, and i stopped using them during my breakout phase (2-3 month) and got a tretinoin gel .025% from my derm. So far it's working really well. I'm not sure if you can get a tretinoin gel online without a prescription though.
  4. so tomorrow i'm going to the derm, and i was wondering if i should ask for retin a micro instead of tretinoin gel? is retin a micro better? thanks
  5. So I'm thinking about switching, and i'm a light for Bare Minerals. I'm also asian, and i'm light and have black hair and dark eyes. Which shade do you think i'd be for EM? Thanks
  6. So i've been using Clindamycin Topical Phosphate Lotion 1% and i was wondering... are you supposed to have an initial breakout with it? Because it seems to have made my acne worse. Thanks
  7. I just started using tretinoin cream .01%. I heard it clogs pores and now i'm afraid to use it. Is this true?
  8. thanks for the replies. i'm actually going to stop taking minocycline now. it has been giving me terrible headaches and my derm. told me to stop and she's going to prescribe me tetracycline instead. has anyone had any success with that?
  9. So i went to the derm wednesday, and i was prescribed minocycline (antibiotic) and duac gel in the mornings, and retin a micro at night. has anyone had any success with these products or this combination? also i've heard that once you stop taking minocycline, your face gets 2x as worse as before is this true? thanks
  10. Thanks. What sort of peel should I look into?
  11. Thanks for the replies. Right now I'm using Paula's choice clearly remarkable skin lightening gel. On the other parts of my face I use 2% BP. I switch off from Neutrogena healthy skin moisturizer and Cetaphil daily moisturizer. Sometimes I use Paula's choice BHA 2% gel but I havnt' stuck around with it for me to see improvement. I have the AHA souffle, but I gave up on it because it took too long for me to see results and i'm very impatient. Should I use that again or contine with the skin
  12. I've been doing that and the mark is still there.
  13. I used to have a really small brown spot on my chin, and i guess over the summer last year, it got worst while i was in the sun, because i assumed it was just a scar and it'll fade over time. Now, it's gotten so bad, it's like huge blotch of ugly on my chin that just won't go away On top of that, I have a ton of clogged pores and acne there too. And when I try something new, i either get more acne or more clogged pores, so then i have to stop using whatever i've been using to treat the other p