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  1. so my lips just starting today have gone ridiculously dry, it doesn't really hurt, it's just my upper lip and it's SO dry it kind of itches.
  2. I figured i'd update this I'm on day...150. My face is really clear, haven't had a pimple in about 3 weeks. My back on the other hand is still breaking out, except everything heals incredibly fast and i have no where near as much as i did 5 months ago. It's sooo much better, i love it. Some things i went through Burning Lips really dry eyes RIDICULOUSLY dry hands Dry everything My back broke out around the 3rd month and looked ridiculous... I stopped for about 3 weeks because my dermatolig
  3. afriad not, i like the carmex alot, its working really well, my lips aren't much chapped, so im all good. Thanks for the advice, im gonna go buy some in an hour. need to get gas too....
  4. Day 38. Blah Just really bored. None of you bloggers ever come to my log lol. J/k. Whats everyone up to?
  5. Day 37 So I got out of the IB i think, no new actives, just scars. THank god. I also stopped by the store to get Blistex Lip Ointment Blistex Gentle Care Carmex Lip Balm Chapstick Regular
  6. Day 35 Wow so yesterday went to the zoo for my second nosebleed. i was with my girlfriend. fucking emberassing. I want to quit this shit soo bad. my lips hurt and are soo badly cracked and torn up, theres scabs and shit everywhere, i feel emberassed to show my face anywhere. Im definately in my IB, ive counted like 8 actives on my cheeks alone. this fucking blows. kill me please. also, my moods are retarded, im getting so angry about stupid things and end up making big deals out of nothing.
  7. Same as yesterday. Got invited to pool again, thank god it started to rain. First Few This is pretty much one month, At my Brothers Graduation from Rockville High School '07 *Im the guy with the gold pin on the jacket, and i have my hair tied back. Second few are before tane. So yeah, figured i'd unload all these pictures to give you guys an idea of what im facing. Ill try to put pictures of my back if i can, its much worse.
  8. Im using a plethora of lip balms, I have regular chapstick, Caribou mint lip balm, and Neosporin extreme care lip balm which tastes like crap and is too watery to use in public. Im trytnig to find aquaphor but cant find any. Dr. Dans i cant find anywhere too. day 32 Skin looks pretty much the same, im getting my Ib as expected, i have 4 actives on my face but hardly noticeable 2 on my cheek and the one on my eyebrow is still there, not going down and im not picking at it, really not that big
  9. Day 28 So basically everything looked pretty fine yesterday but today like 3 new actives sprouted up, one along my hairline, one right next to my eyebrow, and one on my neck. My back hasnt cleared at all, im still getting loads of black heads and some cysts/whiteheads on my back. Still sucks. So this is the IB? Bring it. on a better note all the black heads that were on my nose have vanished, now i just have big pores with nothing in them. much better imo.
  10. Day 25 Lips aren't all that chapped. Complexion is out standing. Only a few active stuff, but nothing is really clearing on my back at all. Kind of annoying because its my back that pisses me off the most. Umm, not really all that dry. But im feeling good. Hopfully i wont hit a sever IB in my second month.
  11. day 22 My fucking lips hurt soo hardcore. Even if i put 100 applications of chapstick on they stay chapped and hurt like hell. Nothign much i can do. My hands are so dry that the skin is ripping. My skin has never looked better though. I just got back from my Derm and he said that month 1 its supposed to be like this but month 2 my acne may get a little worse. Kinda sucks, but whatever. Im not worried, im out of school at least and no one will see. I absolutely love my girlfriend though, so th
  12. Day 18 So I just got back from my bestfriends sisters wedding. Amazing wedding absolutely beautiful. AND OPEN FUCKIN BAR!!! I got obliterated. I was happy the accutane didnt affect my drinking. Skin: looks pretty good, i can see the texture of my skin changing it feels rougher, but theres absolutely no oil, which is good. My nose is the biggest differences as before tane, every pore on my nose was clogged with crap. now its all coming out and all the black heads i can seriously just stratch off,
  13. YES. THose back pains hurt sooo god damn hard. Its only for like a minute, but when im sitting for a while then stand up or lay down, my back aches for a while and i have to arch for like 2 minutes. Word, i wonder when thatll quit. Im so dry now, like everyhitng on my body is drying out, i kinda welcome it because it means this crap is working. Don't be scared about 80mg, i started on 80 mg and i'm fine, other tahn the bleeding lips when i woke up this morning. That blew. Yeah i can't wait
  14. Day 11 everything is the same. except i woke up this morning with bleeding lips. that sucked ass. as the day progressed all the stuff clogging up the pores on my nose no lie starting coming out. that was ridiculous. but sooooo enjoyable.
  15. Day 11; Skin: I must say it looks good, really clear, really dont have any scars left. Pretty clear loving it. side affects chapped ass lips. sucks balls. dry everything. face is flaking and peeling. great.