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  1. you're not alone; i switched schools because I couldn't handle everyone's flawless skin, perfect bodies, and my feelings of inferiority (not to mention the fact I got insulted too). Unfortunately for me, the school I'm currently in is home to even prettier girls with even clearer skin and even skinnier bodies. I feel even more inferior than I did before =( I go out pretty often, but I always feel like the group member people just keep around to make themselves feel better. I can't really relate
  2. Hmmm, I actually find 'Move Along' by the All American Rejects very comforting. It's upbeat and the lyrics are encouraging. 'Survivor' by Destiny's Child, 'Somewhere I Belong' by Linkin Park, and 'Fully Alive' by Flyleaf. If I could pick one that was the most uplifting, it would be Fully Alive. Then again, when I'm really depressed, I don't usually like to think on the good side of things. I end up listening to songs that reflect my mood. I somehow find that comforting as well.
  3. are you really thinking you are missing out on dating and parties at 13?? what has the world come to... you just became a teenager this year and you are already worrying about it?! My sympathies for your parents... Guess I said the wrong thing :confused: Believe it or not, over here you do. No worries for my parents, I'm rarely out of the house apart from school and sports. Trust me, I wish I knew what the world was coming to myself, because there's way too much wrong with it. Just wante
  4. You don't have to go to a party and drink to have a good time, but if that's your idea of one, then give it a shot. I'm missing out on a lot myself, especially in the whole dating aspect, but I'm hoping to have the opportunity to make up for that if I'm ever welcome at any parties. I consider myself a bit socially retarded, so I'd probably just end up embarrassing myself in these situations, but my view on things is that it's never the things you did that you regret, it's the things you DIDN'T d
  5. Thanks for all your support guys By the way Cecelia, your daugther was very brave. It would be lovely to have a friend like her in my school. Haha, double standards are complete bs. I wish everyone would just know automatically what others would find insulting. I won't even give someone a compliment that I believe might be taken the wrong way (i.e. you're really skinny) unless I know they'll react otherwise. People have to understand that even if they find it funny or even if they view it as
  6. I'm so angry Ninth period today, my chorus class, the teacher decided to give us a free period since we just had our winter concert and had no songs or anything to practice (at the concert, she'd screamed at me for wearing a black jacket when the attire was black and white. She forced me to put on an old white jacket from the lost and found and it was so humiliating). So she was beginning to get back in my good graces, seeing as it's rare we get study halls and I had a lot of homework. So mos
  7. I watched bits and pieces of it; I was amazed at the detail put into making these dolls. Personally, I feel that's a pretty sad way to live, but if its what makes them happy, its not my problem. Yeah, the whole having sex with the dolls part really disgusted me at first, but if thats they way they wanna live, fine. But they definitely shouldnt cut themselves off from the real world, and who knows, maybe women will come into their lives. They havent run out of opportunities.
  8. My derm suspected me to have it after I broke down and cried in her office (yeah, lame I know, but she expressed aloud what I was thinking the whole time: my skin isn't looking any better). I guess it could be a possibility, but I dont really know what to do about it. By the way, brilliant post Calibos. I took the time to read it through and found it very meaningful, and I don't give out my compliments without meaning them
  9. My parents are financially supportive, buying me the meds my derm prescribes, but they're awful about listening to me. They dont mind talking about anything else-any topic except for acne. They just dont want to hear it. They tell me I'm wasting my time complaining about it when I'm on the meds for it. But I need to complain about it because it's one of the most emotionally damaging parts of my life. They dont understand it; my mom never had acne and my dad claims he never did but I could tell f
  10. Hehe, I'm addicted too. No one I know off this site can relate to me (I dont know anyone in real life with acne), so I find support in you guys. I dont have much a life anyway
  11. Wow, there's really nothing I could say that hasn't already been said. It all looks very painful Suddenly I'm...I'm thankful for my skin *gulp* It took a lot to say that...
  12. WTF? They think THEY have severe acne? What I would give for the skin the first girl had...
  13. I also recently took photos and fuck was I shocked. I looked so fucking ugly. Everytime I look at the photos i get tears in my eyes. I have had mild acne since I was 13 and im now 19 and I have tried nearly every over the counter product yet nothing seems to work. I want to try accutane but the side effects put me off. Im starting to think to give up on the fight over my acne. I just cant do it anymore. Im sick and tired of having to clean my face to no avail.
  14. I hate thinking about all my disappointment in life...just makes me feel even more disappointed...unfortunately on bad days, it's impossible not to. Know you have my support and best regards *hugs*