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  1. A little background info; within my 'inner circle' of friends in my 6th Form College, only two I would consider being close to. These are the guys that have stuck by me during my darkest hour, and for that I will always stick with them regardless. That's not to say the others are in any way worse par say, but these two guys I've known since my previous school, and I feel that there's a certain connection that can only truly be established through the passage of time as well as friendship. Anywa
  2. Brazil Oldboy House of Flying Daggers Spirited Away Mononoke Hime Fight Club One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Taxi Driver Memories of Murder Donnie Darko Paprika Porco Rosso I'm a big fan of World cinema if you haven't noticed
  3. Before acne, I was more brash and I suppose a lot less paranoid about other people's perception of me. But yeah, as soon as it struck I became more reclusive; but not to the extreme, if that makes sense. I doubt I would have the same general opinion of people that I hold now though if I didn't have acne; and that is that sadly the majority are superficial, and some are even tactless and down right horrible individuals. For all the wrongs that acne inflicts, there is one profound benefit that
  4. That really is an interesting style of writing you have;really quite vivid and almost even poetic. I would buy your work, if you ever do get published. It really is that good
  5. Personally I'd go for bumps; redness for me at least tend to subside relatively quickly. Bumps however are there for the long haul, and hurt quite a bit too.
  6. I can relate, happened alot to me a few years ago when my skin was at its worse. And I agree, it really does knock you back- it's like a psychological slap to the face. But, the worse thing you can do is probably as you've already guessed- nothing at all. It gives the dumb tactless bastard the green light to do the same thing again. You've got to react- and by this I don't necessarily mean lamping the person(unless violence is your thing ), it can be anything from an insult to questioning what
  7. Woah, I can definitely relate. Add to that, most of my relatives are tactless and in some cases incredibly annoying and you can work out why I don't like seeing them much
  8. Brazil Oldboy The Godfather part 1 & 2 House of Flying Daggers Fight Club Anything by Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away & Mononoke Hime in particular) One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest Paprika Infernal Affairs Saving Private Ryan
  9. Is it really my acne that is holding me back or is it my own flaws? If I had asserted myself more, would my life be any different? If I were to lose that lingering feeling of uneasiness, and the paranoia that comes with it, would I get the confidence that I so desperatly crave. Sorry if it sounds a bit pedantic, but all this time I've blamed my acne for my introversion, when it struck me today that it could be my own defeatist atitude from the start. And I in effect have been the creator of my o
  10. I can definitely relate, although my case was somewhat different. I didn't so much lose my friends, but these so called friends intentionally lost me . Not I nice experience I can tell you. But anyway, I think this gives you ample opportunity to find better ones. People that will stick by you through even the hard times, and not run at the first sight of adversity. Thats what I did; and I haven't looked back. And more importantly, I'm happier.
  11. L.G Fuad by Motion City Soundtrack The first two verses: Let's get fucked up and die.. I'm speaking figuratively, of course.. Like the last time that I committed suicide.. social suicide.. Yeah, so I'm already dead on the inside, But I can still pretend with my memories and photographs, I have learned to love the lie. I wanna know what it's like to be awkward and innocent, not belligerent. I wanna know how it feels to be useful and pertinent and have common sense.. yeah Let me i
  12. 6'2", surprsingly enough I know alot of people who are even taller than me. A good friend of mine is 6'4" for example.
  13. Sounds like your not getting too much luck with normal products, have you tried the Official 'Acne.org, Water only regime' Its worked wonders for me, although not totally fixed, its definitely cleared alot of it up.
  14. Thanks for the welcome :D

    However, I can't take any credit for my user name, it's just a bit of creative plagiarism lol.

    1. There's a study saying that the Asians are more prone to acne than all other ethnicities combined.
    2. I've always wondered if certain ethnicities are more/less susceptible to acne than others. Can anyone confirm this, or are we all just as equally likely to get it? I know this is not really that suited to the Emo section, but I figured a topic to lighten the mood a bit would not go a miss, particularly with quite alot of depressing topics floating around lately
    3. I don't drink, personally I can't see any benefit to it. However I have nothing against people enjoying it in moderation , to each his own I guess. Hmm, but isn't there apparently a link with excessive alcohol consumtion and bad skin in general? or have I been misinformed?
    4. Where to begin, Probably "Can I call you spotty from now on?"(when I had an outbreak) or the timeless line "use some clearasil". These were from people in school, who I fairly knew and thought I got on fairly well with. However its the actions from complete strangers that really got me. A couple of years back when my acne was at its peak, I was in a shopping centre (aka mall) with my bro and mum. I was just walking along minding my own business, when all of a sudden I was greeted by the loud
    5. As already mentioned, I tend to not get too close to people even when talking to them.(usually 2-3 foot) Since I figure the closer you get, the worse my appearance gets However this approach can sometimes make me seem a bit cold or distant to someone, but really I'm just conscience about my skin dammit.