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  1. I've been using the biore strips on and off for awhile now and it doesnt seem to really help.
  2. I would probably avoid using any of acne products to let your skin heal some.
  3. Hey, I feel for you. Everyday my job takes me to places where I have to have face to face interaction with people and sometimes all I feel they look at is my nose. It started to really affect my performance and I just got to the point where I just forced myself to accept my acne. I realized there is no cure that is going to take it away this instance and if people want to stare at my nose because of some acne, I'm not going to stop them or let it stop me. Its not worth dying over because I am su
  4. Before I started using this regimen thing, I used Natures Cure for about 3 months to no avail. Dont get me wrong I noticed some change, but it was the drastic change the company seemed to brag about. I even had a friend that tried using it and he received the same results. Little to Nothing. It almost seems as if the pills were just a placebo. My judgment is that the only thing Natures Cures does is cure you of excess money.
  5. spog

    First Day

    Hello everyone, this marks my first day on (hopefully!) to clear skin. I just received my packages and I started to use them right away. If this really works I will defintely tell everybody that I know to use this if they want to get rid of acne.
  6. You also have to figure that you are probably not the only one 'fudging' on your pictures. So the people that you meet are probably stressing out just as much as you are about the way they look.
  7. if your desperate enough to pay for sex, i think that you have bigger issues that need to be resolved
  8. I've been there too, there really are no words to comfort you. You just have to pick yourself up off the floor where she left you and drive on with life.
  9. Hello, I am thinking about going on accutane but I am worried about the side efffects. What side effects have you experienced while on accutane and how long did they last? And do you think its worth it? Thanks.