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  1. Maybe check out cerave pm, it has niacemide and good ingridients to restore skins natural barrier
  2. Hi im a man 21, also have adult acne. Stated getting real bad at 13 yo, which has now left scars and redmarks. About 70% had cleared, thinking all i have to do now is getting rid of the redmarks but little did I know what was gonna happen, during a period 200 new pimples arrived on my chest,neck,back and some on my face combined. Ive used alot of products during those years and ive learned it doesnt work, my only hope now is accutane have you considered it? Also research into acid mantle and pro
  3. Maybe try to leave ur skin alone for a while ? All those acne treatments are very harsh on the skin which can cause dehydration which causes more oil, also larger pores and the oil gets trapped resulting in more breakouts, remember ur skin before u used all products? Try with only lukewarm water or cold, and maybe just use a simple moisturiser. I cant do it because my acne is so severe that i need accutane, google 'acid mantle and products that damage it' also how you could restore it. You can t
  4. Nope giving up is not the answer, guess u gotta look at the other side of the coin and when it finally clears u can use the pain for your advantage to live the life you always wanted, a new start.
  5. I feel you, i started getting acne at which left huge holes and redmarks after it cleared somewhat, acne reduced by 70% but with scars, now when im 22 shit gets worse thsn when i were 13 with 200 new zits combined neck,back,face,chest and just about to stat chef school, and with cooking food hygiene is strict. Feel like i just wanna drop that , say fuck any skincare become obese and live off welfare and play video games 14 hrs a day im really sunken that low. Keep your chin up tho, it can feel h
  6. Haha ty, but I still sometimes wish this acne shit would of never happened, but it did so I guess it is what it is too tired to even fix the scars i guess and just live with it.
  7. Ty Does my scars seem too severe to you people? I meam do i have hope etc..
  8. Hello so ive been having acne since 14 yo now 21 going 22 this year still having some active acne lookin for some advice to fix my scars, i have this huge scar and look disfigured