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  1. Damn 1 month ago i got dermapen from china and i was very hopeful
  2. Only 1 session of peeling 6k.... Damn
  3. Whats the price of the peel if you know can you tell us
  4. "All I know about the fillers not being an option is from Professor Chu. He told me a story of a patient who had fillers and something went wrong and she ended up with a lump for life ( it was a permanent filler). He says that fillers basically defeat the purpose of scar correction bc they are just a temporary solution and being in place don't allow for collagen to form in the treated scars."
  5. Wooow its amazing happy for you. Do you have any before after pics wiyh angled light
  6. Dont ever think visit his office, he deleted that photo you posted here. There is a lot of docs here in my country who are buying their stuff in aliexpress like mym pen etc. and wanna pay him tonns of money dont go to his office i think he is charlatan for what he said to you. Sorry for my bad english
  7. I've read that youtube comment about a 2 hour ago when i was searching for subcision somebody claimed her face looks uneven after the subcision it might be true what Dr. Chu says, i dont know im not expert.
  8. You are right, i was thinking to get this treatment but after that i change my mind, thank you, you are kind and beatiful person.