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  1. Hi there. This gel has been my saving grace for any scars that appear after an inflamed pimple etc. My most recent one....yikes....I made the mistake of popping a cyst with a sterilized needle, only to have it get really infected. I was an ugly duckling last weekend but i went to my derm and she gave me this very potent steroid cream to get rid of the infection. I am just about to go get this gel..It costs around $ 50 Canadian dollars but its money well spent. I only apply the gel at bed ti
  2. Hi., They recommend atleaset 3 weeks apart so that the skin has time to heal inbetween sessions. I havent had one since last fall but they sure dont tickle eh. I equate the snapping sensation to someone placing a cigarette on ones face...Im sure childbirth is less painful
  3. Hi there. I attended a tradeshow today and their was a booth selling a cream with aloe vera in it. I purchased some for my dry skin. Check it out as it says its great for acne. Its based out of California. www.InfiniteAloe.com
  4. I'm afraid to get a facial done on my face as I have very sensitive skin and I fear having whiteheads and blackheads erupt and getting a severe breakout after the fact.
  5. Thats just a guys polite way of saying "I'm just not that into you"
  6. Hi there. I too know how you feel. When I have nice clear skin I feel on top of the world and feel very confident. The moment I break out, all I want to do is crawl under a rock. But at 5 foot 7 there isn't a rock big enough. I have tried the following skin care products and just wanted to give you my feed back on them. Proactiv - sucks..all it does it dries ones skin out. My derm doesnt recommend it either. Serious Skin Care Line - fabulous, absolutely fablous. www.skinenergizer.com.
  7. Sorry to hear about your woes man. I have the opposite problem. All i want to do is sleep on the weekends. But one very wise gal on here said that some drugs leave one feeling dehydrated which makes one feel sleepy. I'll pray for you man.
  8. I think its okay...but getting back to Cetaphil...have you ever tried the Moisturizing Cream vs the Lotion. I prefer it over the lotion indeed.
  9. Most definitely Cetaphil. Its so nice and gentle and makes for a great eye make up remover as well.
  10. I rotate my two pillow on my bed and then four nights later will use a towel and then throw the bedding in the wash and then start all over again with a fresh set. It has done wonders for my skin.
  11. Do not waste your $ on Proactiv. Its a joke and even my derm agreed with me. One acne line that is fabulous though is the Serious Skin Care line. I order it from time to time from our home shopping channel in Canada but I believe their head office is in Nevada. Its way gentler on the skin vs Proactiv. Another product you may want to view is at www.skinenergizer.com....their acne line. I have tried that as well or even take a look at www.pierrechenxu.com. They have trial packages which is
  12. One gets added to a homemade recipe of making pancakes.....and one does not.....lol Guess what I'm making for tomorrows breakfast...
  13. I was taking mine with my evening meal but yesterday while at the derm she too said it should be taken with some fat content. So I will start taking it at lunch time as I always have a sandwich for lunch during the work week. I have butter on my bread with sandwich meat so she said having the butter/margarine was sufficient enough.
  14. Hi there. Thanks for your feedback. She said she was decreasing it b/c my acne was pretty cleared up. She just wanted to decrease it for a month for maintenance sake. But I am a tad upset with myself. Last Monday I made the mistake of using a sterilized needle on a bump on my chin. Sure blood came out and all but I must have over did it b/c my chin became so darn inflamed red and raw. So I was given a potent steroid cream to apply. I hope it goes away soon b/c I resemble a lobster.
  15. Please do not waste your $. I ordered it last summer and all it did was burn my skin. One thing their ads fail to mention that you are supposed to apply vaseline on your skin and then this lotion. Its a total waste of money for sure.