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  1. Well after a week of taking 10G of B5 I havnt even seen the slightest amount of reduction in my oilyness, However i must be doing something right as I compared my skin now to a photo 3-4 weeks ago and it was terrible, I currently have 3 large red pimples on the right side of my face which started soon after I started taking B5 but there all pretty concentrated in the same place on my face, and If i think back around when my face looked like a pile of shit i remember putting some anti bacterial c
  2. Yay b5 from b5supplements came today 2 huge bottles, Mind you they dont last for shit each one is 20 days! That works out to about £30 $50 a month! Ouch. this better work dammit, and then i can get down to the lower dose. Mind u if it doesnt work then i get my money back so its good i think. the b5 supplements look great from what i can see, if u take 20 tablets a day the only other vitimin u mite want to take is vit C, there may appear to be little amounts of each mineral/vitimin in each pil
  3. Yeah Im british and say 'spots' :-k Acne just seems worse to me! I think its i dont like to admit I have a medical condition. Or something like that. Man Im having a shitty day today, my face looks like a pile of shit. Didnt help that some girl who i 'thought' was a mate slated(not specifically bout acne) me soo bad on the table next to me I felt like just killing myself. Now i go away for a week with school and she will be there The most anoying thing was that all my other girls mate
  4. I do not have scars caused by cysts, well i dont think i do, and my skin just generally looks bumpy and uneven around my chin from having constant spots there for about 5 years. Is this just inflamation from new/old spots or is it permanent. Thanks
  5. ah dammit i thought u would of spoken to her by now, Luckily for me I dont realy get any one strait out slate me for my acne, its normally that I look like the shermanator from American pie no wait heh. I feel for her, its easy to be ignorant about something and say somethink u may later regret. I myself am guilty of this on many occasions, its also even easier if u arnt friends with the person in question. Through out the years one thing I have learnt is not to judge people from what I see b
  6. Hi sigurd, I ordered from b5supplements a good week and a bit ago and I still havnt received my order, I emailed them and they did apoligise and said it would be here in a few days, that was a few days ago!
  7. Thanks kt! Im going to try a few things over the next few months, differant regimes and combinations! Lol. How about Cetaphil wash, followed by SA shower gel, then some Quinoderm 5, and then how about some Sudocrem for luck? Oh and B5 ontop, with some antibac's....... I wonder!
  8. Come on does anyone know! Thanks, still havnt received my order from b5supplements yet
  9. Errm Im in England where would i get this from? I found one cetaphil over hear but it was in a rectangular bottle and looked weird......... It also said it was for sensitive skin and went on about alkalin soaps, i forget. Thanks
  10. HI I realy dont have shiny/oily skin, to verify i asked my cousin whether he thought i did or not and he said no, yet i still have harsh acne around where I shave and the odd one on my forehead. I also get large painfull cysts on the back of my neck. So will B5 work Ive just started taking it but I realy have almost decided that its not going to work #-o . have never gone to the doctors about it and dont realy do anything to my face, I try not to touch it but thats about all, I tried th