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  1. If I go for subcision only, will the charges be less then? And, if I do not get Derminator, any other alternatives? Dermaroller, perhaps ??
  2. Subcison is quite painful. Isn't it ? Is Derminator available in India?
  3. The doc told me, that to reduce the darkness fro my face they have some chemical peels. I do not know whether they can cause hyperpigmentation. So, the subcison is good? Can't I start Needling only? I fear the injection with it's medicine.
  4. Hi, my name is Avro and I am 31 yrs old. I am from India ( Kolkata, West Bengal). I do not know, are there any one from India, Kolkata. Acne is not a new thing for me, but things have worsen. I got acne scars along with blemishes and pigmentation. which is totally screwing me day by day or let say minute by minute. Deep down, I know that I am not at all OK with the situation but I don't let the emotion run in front of anyone. The reason is, there is no point in doing so ether. Well, I have nev