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  1. I've been on the regimen for about a month now, and I've seen some great results. I no longer have any acne vulgaris on my face, but what I do have, however, is a lot of plugged pores. They are mostly black heads and some whiteheads on my nose and the very center of my forehead. Out of curiosity (and I know this is a bad idea, but I was curious!) I tried squeezing my nose a little bit and almost every pore spat out some white gunk. Yes, it's that bad. I was wondering if 1) this is an indicati
  2. Hullo everyone! I'm a theater major, and as such I often HAVE to use stage makeup every night. The role I have just been cast in is particularly bad because I am being painted all over to look as if I have been severely wounded in a battle. It is about a 1hr process to get me covered in makeup. I began the Regimen about 2 weeks ago and was almost completely clear, but because of all the makeup I'm having to wear, I'm starting to break out again. It's frustrating! I was wondering if you have any
  3. DAY 26 I'm not dry at all today. My lips are a little flaking still, but w/e. As long as I'm not uncomfortable I'm happy. Pimples are still alive and kicking, plus I have a couple new whiteheads. I'm doing a better job of not popping them, but we'll see how long I can keep it up, lol. I'm out of benzoyl peroxide now, but I'm going to see how my skin fares without it for a few days.
  4. DAY 25 My lips are so dry that they've kinda gone numb. I guess that's a good thing. I woke up this morning without any flakiness, but that's probably because I put on a bunch of moisturizer last night. I usually only apply it in the mornings, but maybe I'll start doing it at night too. No changes other than that. Still about the same number of active spots.
  5. DAY 24 I woke up this morning really dry and flaky around my mouth. I also noticed a lot of blackheads starting to form in my nose pores. I have a couple new zits on each cheek, but the acne on my jawline is looking much better. I also looked at my bacne today (I dunno know why. I usually don't care abotu that.) and it seems to be about on par with what it was before I started taking accutane. *shrugs*
  6. DAY 22 Still not much change. Flakiness isn't so bad I suppose. DAY 23 Even after staying up till 4am with friends, eating a lot of junk food, and playing a lot of video games, I'm not oily and I'm not breaking out like crazy. If I had tried this a month ago, it would have been a much different story. This is a good sign to me.
  7. DAY 21 Dry. Still plenty of acne. Not much change from yesterday.
  8. DAY 20 No changes from yesterday... My lips are dry more than my skin, but other than that, everything looks about normal. Unfortunately, I seem to have some scarring around my jawline. You see, I was a little, um, forceful when it came to treating my acne problem in that particular location... But I never seem to learn my lesson. Darn this bad habit of mine.
  9. DAY 19 Ugh. I didn't go to work today because I felt sick, stressed, and self conscious about my leprosy-like appearance. Apparently sleeping for 15 hours fixes all of those problems. (Well, the dry flaky skin isn't totally gone, but now I just look chapped. Not dying from a horrible flesh eating diseease). I haven't thoroughly checked my face for new spots, but it looks about the same as yesterday.
  10. Here are some Day 18 pics btw. I'll start posting photos every 10 days. Sorry about the poor arse quality, but I'd say this is pretty good for a razr, lol. Uh. *points down* "Image awaiting approval." *shrugs* Anway... Keep in mind: this is an IMPROVEMENT over what I started with. Yeah, I was a freakin' pizza.
  11. I think the title pretty much says it.... But since I'm on the tane, would it be unadvised to spot treat with 2.5% BP cream? I'm on day 18 of my journey, and I'm not terribly dried out. Just kinda uncomfortable atm, so I'd be happy to deal with a little more dryness if it means making those IB pimples a little less... eh... imposing. Thanks in advance!
  12. DAY 18 Update Lips... Freakin... Chapped.... I forgot my Carmex at work today. D'oh! They hurt like a fother mucker. (Damn dyslexia. Tee-hee.) My skin is bone dry. Not a trace of oil after 8 hours of working in a hot, icky kitchen. I suppose that's a good sign.... ? I'm dissapointed, but the pimples under my jawline have gotten all inflamed and eeew again. I can't believe it's not butter. Thanks, Kiwi... Yeah, my results are good right now but this has been a helluva up and down process.
  13. DAY 18 My skin continues to improve in both tone and quality. The dryness is almost gone (mostly thanks to the slathers of cetaphil moisturizer I throw on each night) but I think my skin actually looks healthier. I still have some active spots and some whiteheads, but hopefully those will all be nothing more than memories in a few months.
  14. DAY 17 Good grief Charlie Brown! This morning my face is looking a lot better! My lips look fine, and my dry skin is all but gone. The zits that were really really bad around my jawline yesterday have subsided about 3/4's of the way... Just out of curiosity... Has anyone else experienced these drastic overnight changes while on the tane?
  15. DAY 16 My skin officially looks worse than it has during any point of this process. Now only do I have SIX new whiteheads, I stupidly decided to scrape off the scabs that had formed over my red spots, and they promptly decided to ooze. At work! I wonder if the oozage affected my tips? ... Hopefully my customers all saw me and thought to themselves, "Aw, that poor guy. We should tip him more so he can pay for his ... *ahem* ... discounted $325 medicine." ... But judging from the numbers, that'