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  1. for some reason i was not alerted of these replies, so sorry for the delay in responding to both of you guys and thanks for responding. to the first response.. the folliculitis can range from tiny white heads that form in clusters like 3-6 small white heads in the same area near chin or around nose and mouth.. i ALWAYS get it after shaving and on the chin. However, i believe it has even spread to my scalp and hairline around the back of neck , on the scalp itself,. and front hairline. There wi
  2. I Havent been on this site since 2007.. cant believe i still remembered my user name and password. anyways,. i need help. heres the story ive had acne since my early teens,. went on accutane a few times worked wonders,.. then in 2003 or so i got denied accutane and instead got told to try CLINDAMYCIN powder mixed in an alcohol and water solution. So i tried it.. one to one and a half capfuls was enough to splash over the entire face every night before bed. Within a week or two i was clear, i
  3. young man, dont judge before you try... this stuff works,. if you dont believe just try it yourself and see!
  4. can anybody tell me how true this is? i mean at first i was like bald people get lots of oil on their head. but then i realized that bald people still have a hair there its just really small and light colored, giving the appearance that there is no hair. Wouldn't somehow destroying the tiny hairs on your face cure oily skin then?
  5. Your skin problem could have been created by a few different ways. 1- it could be from a steroid type medicine. 2- it could be a problem with too much testosterone being converted into DHT. 3- you could have caught staph bacteria from using the hot tub or public swimming pool or dirty towel. 4- you could have got staph bacteria from a recent bacterial sickness like strep throat. I definatley think since you had clear skin all your life that something definately triggered your outbreak. Your skin
  6. ive done ALOT of research and testing and talked to alot of people over the years.
  7. i Do think its folliculitis and not acne. you seem to have the same symptoms of folliculitis. if u really wanna make sure get a culture test done to find out what kind of bacteria it is. if its staph - its folliculitis.
  8. conglobata is a bitch and def not staph bacteria related so no it wont work on that. i strongly suggest users who are curious to try the clox to first get a culture test done , once u find out what kind of bacteria it is u can use the appropriate meds for it.
  9. how old are you? to develope your beard fully you need to shave your entire face and for alot of guys it will take up to age 23 or 24 for it to FULLY grow in. you may not notice it but you have tiny fine hairs all over your face especially in the beard area. Once you shave them, they will grow back thicker and fuller, the more you shave the more thicker and fuller your beard will get. The cloxacillin will definately help you and will get rid of the bumps in your chin mouth area. However, if it
  10. you need an antibiotic like cloxacillin sodium 500mg 4 times a day on empty stomach for 1-2 weeks max. make sure you are not allergic to penacillin before taking it.
  11. i would just try the diclox for a week first because that is all you might need to get you clear. if it dont work then start the accutane.
  12. gazbo if yer male u gotta use at least 5-6 saw palmetto extract pills a day to see results within 40 days or so. taking 1 or 2 wont really do anything.