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  1. Description: I had some white colored white stuff under my skin.I would say it looks like some kind of dirt or dried sweat under my skin. I would say it is not visible when looked from the mirror but when using my finger, it felt like a minor bump in the center of other smooth skin. I wouldnt say it is total liquid but some kind of "white stuff" will be squished out if I press it. The white stuff came out just like a pressed toothpaste out from the toothpaste package(aluminium). The white stu
  2. Theres actually a lot on both of my cheeks and some on my forehead but my chin is clean. Its kinda more than 20 on each side... :cry: .when i mirror myself in a gloomy place or darker place, it is unnoticeable. The size of each of these acnes are small and just flesh colored. Oh ya..The white thing that came out from the acne is kinda in a "dry but not very dry" form but not watery.There's not even blood coming out at end of the process. The wound will just heal itself once all the white thi
  3. I had referred to this site but I couldnt find any answers. Firstly , It has been on my face for around more than 4 months on my face and i see not much of improvements. Still a bunch of it on my face...I fell like crying. I sometimes uses Fucidin on my face and I fell abit of difference but soon I fell the opposite again. What these Acnes look like: 1. These Acnes do not become/grow worse. it just stays on my face 2. Some kind of white stuff continuously comes out when pressed. 3. Eventually
  4. Does anyone knew what are the looks of adult acne compared to non-adult acne? If possible , please show me the comparison with pictures. Thanks alot
  5. well..actually i fell a bit like u, When there's a mirror , I will feel depressed and try not to look at my self in the mirror. I always tried to avoid the mirror.If it is impossible for me to avoid, i will close my eyes and relax out. But today, i fell a bit better and once a while, I will peek at the mirror to look at my reflection. I thinks its kinda a psychology problem.
  6. Do you guys have any idea my skin is drying up? The only good side is my face stopped growing acne. All I'm using now are both Loreal White Perfect Re-Lighting Whitening Facial Foam and some Bactroban on red spots. The Red spots seems getting better with bactroban on it. During the night when i'm sleeping , the air-cond is blowing towards my head.During the Day, There is a ceiling fan in the house. I suspect the wind from these fan and air-cond are the reason why my face dried up but i'm not
  7. Every time when i do some jobs which include carrying heavy stuff, fixing stuff or etc..i will fell that my forehead is hot and has high blood pressure. Every time it happens, white heads will start growing on my forehead...omg Does anyone of u know how to solve the problem? It has been a month or more...but still doesn't seem improving. I'm using Neo Medrol..its kinda useful and efffective on other types of acne but now my forehead has a lot whiteheads, is there any other way to cure it?.
  8. my B complex is providing less B5 then urs...mine is 10mg each for Adult and children 4yr olds++ vitamin b1 -1.5mg b2 -1.7mg b3 -20mg b5 -10mg b6 -2mg b12 -6ug c - 60mg kinda don't really know its enough for me now or not
  9. I'm taking Executive "B" Complex by Bio-life now. It provides vitamin B . by the way, it also provides 1000mg of Elemental Calcium and 400mg of elemental magnesium. Is is too much for consumption as it is 1000mg and 400mg? Does it make ppl sleepy once taken? And can is help reduces acne? Thanks in Advance
  10. Does anyone knows if B2 can help cure acne or make skin healthier?
  11. will drinking more water reduce Acne growing??
  12. Will antibiotic help healing the Acne which has been popped out? What i know is that Antibiotic can be used to help in damaged skin parts(bleeding,bee stings, etc. )
  13. hopefully the avoid can stop acnes from growing