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  1. Hi there, my acne scar is more severe than you. I have scar on my forehead too. I understood completely what you feel. I've had a number of sessions of fractional laser (deep FX), microneedling, derma stamp and even fat grafting. I think you can avoid all of these as they only bring maybe around 0.1% improvement after years which is obviously not cost effective. You will look better after the treatment because of the swelling effects. But ultimately they are useless on severe scarring. They
  2. If your scar is considered severe, my scar will be considered as disaster / monster.
  3. I've got similar scars on my forehead. I've tried numerous dermaroller sessions, deep FX, subcision, fillers and picosure. No significant improvements were made. It's really extremely hard to treat. I don't have the courage to do a fully ablative. I am using a super cheap blur cream when I have an important meeting. It is a lot more cost effective than those treatments.
  4. Hi, I had my second subcision, filler and picosure laser session (a combo) at a clinic 2 weeks ago (early Sep). I am going to have my third session 3 months later (in early Dec) and it's gonna be my last session too due to the high cost. I am thinking to do a TCA peeling at home in between. May I know if this is okay? If yes, can I do it in Oct? Is there any other thing I can do to help my scar in between? Many thanks.
  5. I have some boxcar scar on my face and some of them are dark red. I understand this is difficult to make them even out but how to get rid of the dark red color? The dark red color is different from the red mark left on face. They seem never fade out...
  6. If you have a very mild acne scar, I believe products made for wrinkles can help a little bit, such as AHA, antioxidants, etc
  7. Wow, wonderful, your skin looks way better than previously Now you are only around 2 month post Fraxel. You can still expect improvements for 4 more months! It's great that you have a good Derm who are really helping your skin out.
  8. I also think you did an amazing job in sharing your stories. You gave us guidance and hope!
  9. Hi all, I finished all my prescriptions today. It takes me 8 months to complete that. I am around 63 kg and I am taking 40mg/day. Now, I know that accutane hurts my liver much. What should I do to restore the liver to a better level? And what should I do to maintain the good skin I have now? (I am extremely afraid that I will have a relapse afterwards...) Thank you very much and I look forward to all your replies.