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  1. @JamesTan i have only flown there once and have only had the subcision with microneedling done. I stayed a few days to visit with my grandfather that lived in the area, but i actually flew back home on the same day i had the procedure done. I was with my mother in law, thank god. It was very embarrassing and i needed the support. Lol. Im a shy person though. I wore giant sunglasses and kept a hood on.
  2. Its been forever. I thought id update. I havent done anything else besides a tca/jessner at home peel a few months ago. Im positive all i will need is one more subcision to satisfy me. I belive the three weeks suctioning afterwards were key. The deeper areas on both cheeks are areas that were missed as you all know. Best wishes to you all. P.S. Dr Rullan is a ROCKSTAR!!!
  3. DIM, spearmint leaf capsules, no dairy, and no bread. Try gluten free as much as possible and one of the most important things is NO Sugar unless its fruit. No alcahol (id always break out after a night of drinking) and no caffeine( it spikes your insulin levels drastically) I had cystic acne for years. This is what worked for me and i broke out same exact areas.
  4. I suctioned from day 3 to day 21 i believe. The suctioning was done with trophy skins personal microdermabrasion machine. Its about 300, but totally worth it. The power of the machine is amazing and does wonders for texture and wrinkles. When i use it heavily, ill use it once a week. when im lazy, i shoot for twice a month. I still havent gotten my second sub, but my mind is blown by the difference in just the one sub. I can only imagine. I just need time and money and ill go back to rullan.
  5. It's been about 2 more weeks since I've last updated, my collagen is still rebuilding and I think there's been even more improvements as the time goes on. Definitely feeling good about subcision.
  6. @dazzed I agree. He is amazing. I really think the suctioning worked wonders though, so if and when I get fillers it will probably be after an infini treatment or two to postpone anymore invasive type of treatments and for money. Lol. Have you had any experience with a jessner tca combo peel as I think I'd like to get a deeper type tca in office combined with jessner. I actually have both of them at home but for a deeper layered peel I'm too afraid to do it myself. I can do lighter ones on my ow
  7. @Amp2695 oh yeah? The 600 is the lowest I've seen the spa have it for so far. It's usually 900. So do you think I should do that once before my second sub?
  8. @Amp2695Yes just one. I think the combo together is genius. Lol. I think 60 + on most, some I cant see anymore and some had no improvement, like my forhead and temples but I have a very thin face and I think that with one more sub I'll be happy enough to move forward with just radio frequency. I'm not sure I can get filler. I really tried to make my scars look as bad as I could get them in the photos but they are shallow as hell now. If I can get filler I'm still debating on what one might be
  9. @beautifulambition the renew spa that was mentioned earlier has a special for the gold plated radio frequency microneedling for face and neck right now for 600. Do you think it would matter how deep they really go as far as helping me. My scars after subcision are so surface oriented now and pretty shallow. Do u think itd be beneficial despite an acne scar specialist using it for that purpose and just getting it done for collagen build up period? Like do you think it would help no matter what at
  10. @makingtime, I was there but fortunately for me my grandpa lives in san diego in the mission village area, so I wasnt very far from Chula vista, it was like a 13- 17 minute drive. I went to the beach and seaport village one day, the other days I was swimming in the pool and tanning. Lol. I went up for 4 days though so i tried to stay busy. I literally went straight from my appointment to the airport swollen as ever. I cringe thinking about it. I had my mother in law with me to help support me a
  11. @EvidentNancy lol. Yes!!! That's why I was looking into filler this next time, I cant look that bad and that swollen for the wedding I'm going to. It sucks though,I'd rather suction because i feel that was key to my results. I'm wondering if I'll even be able to do filler with my scars being more surface oriented?any thoughts on that?
  12. @EvidentNancy mainly because I have a wedding to go to and suctioning delays healing, and induces bruising and swelling. The suctioning produced fantastic results though. I'd say I suctioned daily for 2 weeks and the third week about every other day. But I'm still debating on the fillers . It's hard to tell when i would have been good from the subcision swelling/healing wise because i had microneedling as well. I think i looked pretty good about a week after despite suctioning though. It was re
  13. @EvidentNancy now that ive got to see your pics, I had very similar scarring in many areas and they seem to have responded best. I really think its worth going to see DR. RULLAN for your next subcision. If you dont see the improvements youd like, it wont be too much out of your pocket because I definitely agree with @ChildhoodDreams that 2000 is brutal!!!
  14. @Amp2695 they weren't visible at first, and i even stopped suctioning those areas, now u can see them . Like people would definitely notice them. Lol. Yes I hope the results continue to improve as collagen starts forming. I'm happy so far.
  15. @beautifulambition I have both mupircon and desonide cream. Can i use one of these for my hematomas? Or will it make it worse? I'm afraid to get steroid injections because of atrophy. I really only am bothered by two of them . please help. Also do u think I would be ok with one more subcision and then go ahead with infini treatments? Or is it looking like I need 2 more subcisions. Because I am going to do infini after my subs