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  1. You no what i hate, the fact that all mirrors seem to be different so i never really no how crap or well my skin is looking. I mean i will look in the mirror at home and everything is fine, then the mirrors at uni are completely different and my skin looks like absolute shit, and then i get confused on which one is more accurate and which one would most likely be how other people see me skin. And also the stupid lighting which contributes to the overall effect(yeah the lightening has more of an
  2. Choice 2 by far! Having acne has given me no self confidence or motivation to do anything so if I had it for the next 10years on top of my battle so far I would have no life, and couldn’t live it to the fullest! Dieing at 50 would be fine by me, before all the pain of aging sets in!
  3. Sorry im from NZ so prices will be different, but it cost me $125 without insurance, I don’t no what that is USA, like $95, and as for accutane it cost me $3 for isotane(same thing), but it’s subsidized by the government here!
  4. Such a waste of money! Did nothing for me but bleach the crap out of my sheets, towels and clothes! grrr, so wish I found this site before I tried it a year ago!
  5. foo fighters- hey, johnny park Dave grohl is my god!!!!!
  6. Yeah I thought that as well so I got some sensitive skin soap powder, hasn’t improved yet but I'll keep trying, god its so irritating
  7. Hay, so ive got a major problem with hives. They developed about 4weeks ago, and omg they are so itchy. They are mainly on the upper half of my body, lower back area mostly. They are itchy and hot for about 2hours then go away unless I bump them. I don’t no what it could be, ive never had any food allergies, and I don’t think it’s the isotane which I just started as I had the hives before I started it. Im thinking maybe stress if that’s even possible to cause hives. I just had my uni exa
  8. I know how you feel, I went to my 1st derm Appointment last week, and didn’t no what to expect and came out feeling ripped off! I paid $125 for a 7min visit, all he did was prescribe me 10mg dose of isotane, he didn’t tell me what I can and cant use on it, and just sent me out the door without me answering any questions! Not impressed!!
  9. DKNY- Be delicious And 212 by carolina herrera white limited edition but they dont sell it anymore, so depressing
  10. Alternatively you could also try baked beans along with the other foods mentioned. Their a source of protein (depending on the brand) and fiber, and taste pretty good on toast with some cheese (also low in fat, once again depending on the brand though, we buy watties but I don’t no if you can buy that brand where you are).
  11. Sweet Thanks!! I think ill use it as a toner and dilute it alot the first time and see my reaction to it! il buy some tomorrow, god i hope it works on my skin
  12. Ok so I just read how ACV can help acne- but need some help understanding! So do you buy concentrated ACV or dilute? and do you just put it on your skin like a normal cleanser let it soak in then rinse it off with warm water, or do you put it on like a toner with a cotton pad? And if you buy the conc.ACV do you have to dilute it? Also do you wash your face before you put it on or do you replace it as your cleanser? Also would you recommend ingesting it as well to be even more effective? And las
  13. Ok, so here’s my situation... Ive tried clean and clear, differin gel, eryacne gel, and proactiv with not much success in fighting acne and with them having side effects! the clean and clear was just plain crap, used it for about 3 years(13-16) with it just barely maintaining my acne, not really helping at all (don’t ask why I stayed on it for so long, I don’t no myself). I then went on differin gel, eryacne gel and doxy-50 tablets for about 2years with it helping my acne but it made my sk