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  1. You all have sound points. I should consider myself lucky for having my hair grow back, and I shouldn't take that risk again because the consequences might be more series this time around. If I take accutane again it might be more than just my scalp hair, I might lose my eyebrows or eyelashes for all I know. Sorry to bother you all. I was just trying to justify going on accutane again since I had a really bad breakout recently which made me really desperate. I've made up my mind to continue lo
  2. Hi. I've been an acne sufferer since I was 15 and I am now 25. Throughout the years I have tried countless topical medications to treat my condition but unfortunately none of them have worked. However, last year I tried 20mg dose of accutane daily. It worked perfectly, for the first time in my life I had clear skin, but there was one little side effect. Alopecia areata! Yes I got those bald spots all over my scalp and I had to shave it every couple of days so that they won't stand out. Anyway,
  3. That's a huge improvement compared the your pics before you started accutane. Congrats! I wouldn't advise shaving daily, since it definitely irratates the skin (in my case at least) besides it doesn't feel like you're shaving anything if you do it every day. Why not try shaving every other day? oh and do you shave by using a razor? have you tried using a shaving machine instead? You should definitely experiment to see if shaving irratates your skin or not. By the way, I'm not on accutane right
  4. lol, prescription medicine! It's good to know that I have the real one after all. I'm going to delay using it until 2009 though. I think I'm going to try some other stuff before I finally give up and start my low dose, such as light therapy as someone has already suggested. Also, I know that I should get it from a dermatologist and all that jazz but I don't think you people understand my situation. I'm currently residing in Japan until I graduate from college which will be 2 years from now (4
  5. Alopecia areata? ah so that's what they call it! Yeah I guess I shouldn't push my luck if I have that but the thing is that when I tried benzol peroxide last year my face was perfect, not even one single pimple then all of a sudden BAM! I developed an allergy against it and I can't use it anymore. After that I've tried hydrogen peroxide (same reaction) salicylic acid, and a million other face washes but they didn't do a thing. My point is that I'm starting to get really desperate by now and I r
  6. Do you only have arguments with your dad when you are frustrated? if so then there's big chance that it's not your acne which frustrates you! Seriously though, if you have problems venting out your anger then you should do some exercises or sports that you like. It's a great way to let all that extra energy out.
  7. Hello, I'm considering going on a low 20mg course of accutane and see how it does against my mild/moderate acne but I have a couple of concerns from one of it's possible side effects: baldness. 1. My family unfortunately has a history of alopecia, my dad has Alopecia universalis (not even one hair on his body!) but fortunately my condition is not as severe as his. I only have mild alopecia in my beard area which is unnoticable if I shave it every day...What are the chances that taking accutane
  8. Yeah I did start it in the summer time, and I understand that the weather has changed but I've never had this reaction during the past winters before starting the regimen. This is so puzzling but I'm so sick of this redness which just won't go away. It seems that I must make further changes to my regimen. Since I have mild acne I guess I'll stop applying BP everyday on my face and only apply it to my problem area (nose) since it's not so sensitive. God I hope I don't get any disastrous results
  9. What do you use every day and night? Also the reason you get scars is because you pop your zits. Don't do it! just put some BP over them and they'll fade away really quickly. If you do that then they usually go away the next day but if they're kind of big then 2 days max.
  10. I've been almost 6 months on the regimen. It has worked great at first but recently ( the last month to be precise) My face has been getting really red and swelling. I use DK's cleanser and moisturizer every morning and the good thing is that there is no redness or intchiness after I use them. At night though when I use DK's cleanser+BP+moisturizer my face starts to sting a lot and the redness since last month is becoming unbearable. I don't even talk with someone any more with out getting comme
  11. Hi thanks for the reply. I added jojoba oil to my moisturizer yesterday and this morning so the redness and the pain rapidly decreased. I also decided to cut back on the number of times I use BP each day to only once instead of twice, because I have been experincing flaking for the past 6 months. Here's what I do now each day. Morning: DK Cleanser DK Moisturizer+jojoba oil Evening: DK Cleanser DK BP DK Moisturizer+jojoba oil What do you think?Do you think it's better to use the BP in the mo
  12. Ever since I changed the moisturizer that I use from cetaphil to DK , I stopped applying 3 drops of jojoba oil daily to my face since it is one of the ingredients in the DK moisturizer. Recently though, my face has been turning red and I was starting to wonder why, is it because the amount of jojoba oil in the DK moisturizer is too low? should I start adding 3 drops again everyday to my face? what do you think? Also does any one know the expiration date for a small bottle of jojoba oil? I bough
  13. Ok, so I guess that what everyone is saying that I should experiment to find out what works for me...yeah I guess I'll try out another moisturizer first and see if that works. I'm still not ready to reduce the number of BP applications everyday to 1 yet...I'm kind of afraid of the consequences, but I'll try it out in summer when school is out and I have nothing to lose. Thanks for the help!
  14. Hi, It's been about 4 weeks since I started following the regimen, I appllied the cleanser+BP gel+moisturizer relegiously since day 1 but the flaking just doesn't seem disappear. My skin just isn't getting accustomed to it. Here's what I do everyday; Morning: DK cleanser (wait 10-15 minutes) DK BP Gel (wait 10-15 minutes) The Bodyshop Aloe Soothing Day Cream + 5 drops of jojoba oil Evening: Exact same as the above Am I doing anything wrong? I thought that the flaking is just an initial ph
  15. Yeah, it seems like I have to use more moisturizer but using jojoba oil in the morning before I go to school is out of the question since...well it's so greasy Looks like I need to find another moisturizer then. The ones in that link which you gave me seem fit for the job, but I can't get cetaphil and neutrogena brand moisturizers here in Japan unless I order them online, and frankly I'd rather avoid the hassle. A store near me sells Nivea for men oil control lotion, has anyone here tried it?