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  1. Well, I know this is random, but I'm back, and the regimen has been working great. I'm pretty much completely clear 24/7. Thanks Dan!
  2. My face got flaky too. You just have to live with it until you are clear and able too use less BP. A good moisturizer can also help. I like cetaphil moisturizing cream.
  3. Week 5 I hate acne, but its ok. My left side is looking a little better, to pop or not to pop, that is the question... my whiteheads are soooo big. its soo annoying
  4. Week 5 Godamn..... My left side is being an ass. Sooo many NEW whiteheads, it pisses me off, grrr. I just want to be clear. MY right side is lookin good though, about 2 whiteheads, and clearing redmarks.
  5. First Month Well I am on the end of my first month now with noticeable improvements. The third week I had a breakout that is now clearing up. I think the breakout is from trying an St Ives exfoliator. My acne is still better than where i started... I just hope I clear up soon. My acne is mild - moderate, but very aggressive. I have like 20 pimples on each cheek, a few on my nose, and almost none on any other part of my face.
  6. I have found that every time I exfoliate, I break out a week later. This might just be because of the scrub I am using, St. Ives. I have found manual Exfoliation to be much more useful. Try Alpha Hydroxy, it works great and doesn't cause the irritation that manual exfoliation causes.
  7. Yea, BP takes the first layer off your skin (at least thats what i read in Wikipedia) anyways, use good sunblock, especially if you are on a perscription medication like Retin-A. At Costco I just bought a really good sunblock. neutrogena ultra sheer sunblock spf 55 with helioplex is great!
  8. Is it normal to break out on the third week of the regimen. I know you are supposed to on week 1 or 2, but is week 3 also normal?
  9. I am pretty sure that any type of acne you get is hormonal. Cystic acne is probably no different.
  10. One of my parents had acne back in the day... so i dont think there is any correlation
  11. I like cetaphil lotion... its great and doesn't break me out
  12. It's not stinging anymore... I think it was just I was sensitive to the benzoyl Peroxide. Thank you so much guys!
  13. it's a bit better, but can you recommend any other good moisturizers. Jojoba is working well for me so far. I just hope it doesn't break me out.
  14. smearing it around until it is dry can cause extra irritation. It is better to just smear it around till it is absorbed, or feels "tacky". I hope this helps!