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  1. I just finished my last microdermabrasion treatment yesterday. I had a series of 6 and it cost me about $470. Overall, not worth the money. Each session lasted 45 min to an hour and included a face steaming, the microderm (using the DiamondTome), a sulphur mask, and all sorts of lotions and eye creams. oh, and they even massaged my hands while the mask set! While I always felt really nice after my treatments, the soft glowy appearance goes away after 4-6 days....

    I got the microderm for my scars, since mine are pretty shallow and mostly just some hyperpigmentation.... I wanted something a bit more effective, but the dermatologist said it was absolutely the best option formy skin. Unfortunately, I see basically no results. It helped with one or two scars on my cheeks, but did not help with the scars on my forehead or chin. in fact, it seems like it has perhaps caused more breakouts on my forehead, ug.

    anyway, i've had some compliments-- people saying "wow,you're skin looks really pretty today" a day or two after a session, but it goes back to normal soon enough.

    oh also, every time I went back, the machine went one level higher than the previous time. so, i suppose it was a deeper microderm every time I went. I think they could have started me out a level higher than they did.

    Anyway, i would try a glycolic peel next time, not a microdermabrasion. it just wasnt worth the money. although, it was kind of a fun and pampering experience... !

  2. I use Jane Iredale's loose powder. my dermatologist's office gave me a free makeover using ALL of her products, and the only thing I liked was the loose powder. I use the lightest shade (ivory something or other) and i use two brushes: one big brush to get a full layer on my entire face and then a small pointed brush to use more as a concealer. I get a small bit on the brush and dab it on my blemishes.

    what I really like about it is that it really gets rid of redness. since i have more acne scars than pimples, it makes them practically invisible when im wearing it. it doesn't do a good job of making actually bumps look like they've disappeared though.... but i don't know what does really.

    bad thing is its kind of expensive. it should last me at least a couple of months. I only use it for more special occasions since it's around 40$... too expensive for me to refill once a month!

    I tried the liquid base foundation and the compact powder and both looked MUCH cakier and really showcased any lines/crevaces!

    Hope this info helps!!